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Project: DrakkoTerra

Been working on this one for the past two weeks. And we're pretty proud of the results. Of course Eido did the scripting for it, and I built it and made the textures 'n' animations 'n' stuff. It's fully recolorable through the script, it has the snarl and no-snarl script setup, you can make smoke come out of the nostrils, you can make it breathe fire, it has a gestures for roaring with and without the fire, the wings are scripted to expand when flying or on command... It comes with a bunch of skins to go with it incase any human skin shows through... Oh you can change the eye color through a script too. Oh and it comes with an animation overrider so it always looks cool.

I think that's it. But I'll just shut up and show the pics.

It's not in the vendors yet. I need to get a better BG and some poses for better pics.

Click for the big pic

Click for the big pic

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