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Weeee, House tour.

We had to go out to the house for the final walkthrough and personal inspection. All of their stuff was gone, so I could finally get some nice pics of it.

I'm putting all this behind the cut.

Before I Start, I ran over to the neighbors house and looked at their utility boxes. Sure enough "Time Warner Cable". How hard was that?? Anyway...

Here's another shot of the outside of the house.

Here's the entrance from the back of the living room:

Here's a shot of the living room and the fireplace from the entrance hallway:

A shot of the fireplace:

Okay, go out onto the deck and here's the pool:

On the right side of the pool/deck, the hot tub:

The right side of the back yard:

Left side of the back yard:

Go back inside, and this is the kitchen:

Master Bedroom:

Pic from the side of the house, looking towards the road. All that land is ours.

And that's about it. The house closes on Monday. So this time tomorrow we'll be working on moving the first load of stuff in. We should be fully moved in by the weekend (Appliances are supposed to arrive on Friday.)

Hopefully cable can be set up fairly quickly (And hopefully cable includes internet access, otherwise I'm gunna be pissed).

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