Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Two loads down...

Most of our games, dvds, and books are at the new place. I can't, of course, move the heavy furniture myself, so all that has stayed so far. But if it's boxed, then it's probably light enough for me to carry it. Took the first 'truck' load over tonight. My artdesk is over there now too, waiting for reassembly.

I'm really sore, my feet are killing me, and I'm generally tired. My sinuses HATE me for moving. I got me a little paper dustmask thing and it helps some, but the dust is like, flying into my eyes. No wonder I'm always sick, holy mother of god, the dust! I'll hafta make sure everyone tidies up a little better in the new place. I tried to keep my area dust free, but it's just all over the place in the rest of the apartment.

Anyway, most of the small things are over there. We still have clothes, kitchen stuff, and the big furniture to move. The big stuff goes Saturday though.

As for cable, Time Warner's a bunch of fucking idiots. And we're current customers! We've had nothing but problems with them. But it's a monopoly, what can ya do? Anyway, we don't know yet if we can get cable out there (Even though the neighbor has the Time Warner utility box). But they're supposed to send someone Thursday. Hopefully the moron will find it. I should go out there and wait for him.

Other than that, everything's been ok. Bow hit a deer yesterday in the money pit escort. Thankfully he's okay, but the car took a bad hit to the passenger side. Bumper, hood, fender and both doors are fucked on that side. At least it got him home, and doesn't appear to have any mechanical damage to it.

Tomorrow's agenda: Clothes and kitchen stuff, and some of my comp periphrials. I figure the printer, laptop, and my other comp stuff that I"m not using can go over there.

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