Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

We haven't even moved in yet...

And already we had to call the cops out. You know all that wood on the side of the yard? Well, that wasn't supposed to go with the house, the owners wanted to give it to their friends, or sell it or something. But they couldn't get rid of it in time, so it's ours now.

Well someone decided they wanted a chunk of it. Looks like they stole a cord's worth. Not much compaired to the pile mind you, but all it takes is for them to tell a few friends of "A great place with free firewood" and it'll all be gone.

So we called the cops and asked some of the neighbors, apparently someone with a white Explorer took the wood. The neighbors said they'd keep an eye out, and the cops said they'd come by here occasionally. They said they were surprised, since the neighborhood, which is out in the country, is so quiet usually.

We figure someone thought the house was still for sale, and thought it would be a quick, easy steal. We left two of the lights on and the TA in the front of the place. Hopefully they'll think someone is there and leave the place alone.

Moot point in a few days as we'll prolly be living there by Saturday night.

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