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The latest misadventures of moving

We were supposed to get up at 1pm to get to the bank, and move some other stuff, and meet the Sears guys so they could install our new appliances. Bow wakes up at 12:30pm, he leaves the door open but doesn't turn the light on. I'm still in bed. Then I hear him talking on the phone, and I heard him call Uath. I heard him say, "I need the number." and "Yeah they cut it off". Meanwhile I'm wondering why it's so quiet in the apartment. I get up to look at the time, alarm clock is dead.
Fan off, computers off, microwave off... Bow looks at me and goes "Those idiots cut the power early", or something to that affect.
And I said "Ironic that a company will come out early to cut your service, but it takes them 4 weeks to install it."

So anyway they apologized because their computers DID say the 31st, but they came out today for some reason. They said they were going to send a guy out to restore the power. Meanwhile, Bow gets a message from Sears saying they were going to push up the delivery time to 1:30pm. Well, no problem, we got up early anyway, they were supposed to arrive between 2-4pm originally. So a few minutes later, the delivery guys themselves call us "We're in Clayton (about 10 minutes from the house)."

Us: "We're still at the apartment! We won't be there for a while!"

So blah blah blah we rush our asses off, and get there at about 1:30pm, I don't think they cared cuz they got to sit around and do nothing for half an hour.
So then they take the old oven out right? No, they try, then the oven door rips off.
I told bow "I'm glad we bought a new one"

We were going to try to sell it but we couldn't after that. We donated it to an animal rescue group that is going to try to sell it at auction (It's repairable).
After that we moved some other stuff (Books, Bookshelves, Sofa, etc). That was about it. I was really hoping I could put my computer desk and my art desk together, in the same room. But it looks like there's not enough space for it :/ Oh well.

This might be my last night online. We have cable here until Nov 1st, but we're probably going to move everything out of here tomorrow. I'll be glad when this is over.

So I'll see you guys on the flip side.

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