Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


Thank you Mr Carl Fox, whoever you might be, for setting the record straight on that furry comic stuff. I am shocked and amazed it was ended so quickly and amicably.

In other news, because I spent all night wonder where Trakker went, and naturally that makes me work to take my mind off it... I started a new av on SL. I really needed to paint the next cover of BT, but painting is something I can't do when I'm just in that "Where's my dog" mindset. For some reason fighting with SL, which is much more stressful, well I guess the stress from SL took away from the stress of waiting for Trakker to come home.

Anyway, here's the av. I'm calling them the "Kaetif of Legend" line, whereas they will be animals built up to be the original Kaetif breed (They look like the typical 'wereart' you see today).


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