Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

One has to wonder...

Do people have some kind of status meter that tells them when your "friendship" has reached a point that they believe they can start leeching off you, or asking you for favors, or various other manipulation of 'friendship?'

I get this in SL all the time, not really anywhere else. But people want to be my friend, they friend me, I Friend them back, you know I don't really care. If I'm not building, I can talk someone's ear off, I like talking to people. S'why I hang out in chat rooms all the time.

But it seems like, so often, there's a stage, or a point where people become 'friends' with you just enough for them to start taking advantage of it.

That really pisses me off.

It always starts out with casual chatting. Then IM chatting. More casual chatting because they're hanging out with you so much.

And then a little while later, after realizing they don't have to break the ice anymore BAM "Can you help me with?" (translation: Can you build me this?) "I accidentally bought the wrong avatar, can you give me the right one?" (Translation: Can I get a two for one deal?) "I wanted to buy this avatar for a friend, but now I see it's no transfer, despite all the signs in the shop that say 'no transfer.' (Translation: I'd like to share the wealth with my friends, can you give them an av too?) And my favs:
"Since we're friends can you give me a discount?" and "Since we're friends, can't you just give me one this one time?"

I know that not all the cases are bad, some of them are legit. I know many of you are reading this, rolling your eyes, thinking I'm a horrible, intolerant person.

Folks, I hear this several times a day. They aren't isolated incidents. I bring this up because it -happens so often-. And no one ever stops to think about how it feels, having so many people telling you these things, day in and day out, trying to take advantage of your 'friendship'. It's not that they happened once or twice and I'm getting pissed about it, it's that they happen once or twice or even moreso per DAY. I hear this shit on a daily basis now, especially, ESPECIALLY the latter two.

I'm sure these people think they're not hurting me at all by asking to swindle me. But when you get about 20 swindle attempts a day, that wears thin, especially from "Friends".

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