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Sinuses again...

Well I knew it wouldn't be long, but my sinuses are acting up in the new place now (despite we're keeping it a lot cleaner than the apartment).

Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. So I'm up when I should be sleeping, so this'll definitely screw me up for the next couple of days. At least it waited til after Thanksgiving.

So I'm sitting here and working on a layout for a new SL vendor that a friend designed for me. I used ImageReady's conventient slice to image generator to make the 'navbar' for it. It of course saved them as gif files.

Then I discovered something fucking AWFUL about Photoshop CS2. Please, someone, tell me this is a glitch or something.

You can't just save gif files as JPGs anymore. Like back in the days before PS 5.5, you have to go to Image -> RGB color before it'll let you save it as a jpg.

Please, someone tell me my sleep deprived mind is missing something here. I can't believe they'd go back to doing something that was SO inconvenient.

Until then, I'll be using an action to convert the gifs to RBG Color and then saving them.

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