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Sinuses Part 2

So we had to go pick up the Caprice because it was due for inspection before the end of the month, so really it was now or never. Yes NC requires vehicle inspections.

We decided to go to Walmart and pick up an ionizer for the house, something I'd been planning on doing for a long time, but finally decided to with the recent sinus problems. I was also out of sinus meds, so I thought I'd pick them up too.

Normally I wouldn't let myself run out of sinus medications, but NC has recently passed a law that requires anyone that's deathly ill with a cold, flu or sinus problems to dance through a few hoops, then a ring of fire.

Okay so they've put these stupid ass little cards in place of where the drugs should be OTC. Why do they do this? Well you see, people like to make Crystal Meth out of one of the ingredients in cold and sinus meds. I'm not going to get into the hows and whats and whys about it. I'm sure most of you all know this spiel anyway.

So in an attempt to stop the production of Crystal meth, instead of busting the perps, they make us, the truely sick, SUFFER MISERABLY. Now I recall coyoteold1 having a similar problem when he was actually sick. I feel for you man, I can imagine what a pain in the ass it would be, if I were actually sick.

Okay so you take this stupid fucking card to the pharmacy (which also means I can't get my meds unless the pharmacy is open, which it usually isn't when we go walmart shopping. In theory, you're supposed to give them the card, and they give you the meds, and you go on your merry way.

FUCK NO, it NEVER works that way. There are two people working there, with two people waiting on real prescription drugs. The lady infront of me left, so I was about to hand the fucking pharmacunt the card of punishment-for-the-innocent. But no, their was some problem with the insurance for the last lady, so she had to call her back over to the desk. CALL HER BACK! So then they do this little medicinal fuckfest with the baggies, trying to figure out creative ways to waste MY time, and figure out that her insurance is screwed up and won't take the meds. So they try to ring it up a few times. They tried god knows what else because that was the point that I turned around and started bitching to Bow about how asinine this system is.

Finally the bitch with the bad insurance and the pharmacunt figure out what's going on, and the buyer leaves. My turn in line. She saw me try to hand her the card previously. What does she do? She goes to the person that was being helped by the only other person working there. She KNOWS that bitch was being helped already. I'm standing there waving this stupid card in her face. I'm sure I looked shocked and amazed that she too fell for my invisibility curse*. So Bow and I are both like "We're next".

Now let me explain to you how this proceeded.

1. She took the card.

2. She handed me the meds.

3. I left.


Instead of calling that stupid whore back over, why didn't you just give me my fucking meds so I could move on!?! Next time I WILL butt in line and ask for my meds up front and rudely. Because being rude is the ONLY way to get shit done anymore. Fuck them. Fuck walmart. Fuck the pharmacy. And fuck you assholes that make the drugs that ended up making my life hell cuz I have allgeries.

Okay now for the double whammie. I love the self checkout, I can zoom through there so fast, pay and go. It's awesome and I love it.

So we ring up my "over the counter" sinus pills. AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED?!?! I Swear to god, one day I'm going to go trhough there, with my box of pills, and ring them up on every single self checkout they have, just to piss them off. It's bad enough that I had to wait for the Pharmabitchitol, but I have to get it approved when I try to buy it too?!?

I really hate this state sometimes. But at least the ordeal is over, and the meds are kicking in.

*More on that another time.

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