Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

For those of you that know the more technical side of PhotoShop CS2...

There is something about it that is driving me so insane that I'm thinking about switching back to CS.

But I'm hoping someone that's actually taken a class or is more technical minded can help me with this problem. Surely there is a way to turn this "feature" off.

Okay so, you switch layers, and make a mark. Then you undo. It undos the mark AND switches back to the previous layer you were on. Note, it doesn't switch layers whenever I undo, only when I'm making the first mark to the new layer.

It is DRIVING ME FUCKING INSANE. I'm getting SO TIRED of drawing on the WRONG layer because the stupid program keeps switching me back and I'm not realizing it. I mean it's REALLY driving me CRAZY.

No amount of cool new shit on PS is going to make up for this complete and utter annoyance. Please someone tell me how to shut this off. And if it can't be shut off, tell me so I can switch back to the first version of CS.

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