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BT Will be Down Indefinitely

Well the moment that I've been fearing finally happened. Last night we had a T-storm that the power company had to send several line spikes through. Well that fucked my comp. My system is literally on it's last leg. I'm having a difficult time typing this because my computer shuts itself down after being up for a few minutes. So save, restart, continue and repeat. What does this mean? BT will no longer be updating til I get a new machine. I don't know when this will be, and I'll keep drawing BT in the meantime, but I won't be able to do /any/ of the editing for it. I don't mean just the coloring, I mean the black outlines, the text, making sure the drawings fit in the frames... a lot more than just coloring has to be done on the comp and I certainly don't know enough about comics to do it without photoshop editing. So I'm fucked and so is BT and my other projects. I've been scouring some computer component catalogs here, trying to find the best prices for the best equipment. If anyone has been thinking about sending in a donation, please now is the time. If I get enough donations in within the next couple of weeks I promise I will update Monday - Saturday to get caught up for god-knows-how-long I'll be offline. Even if all you have is a dollar, that would help me tremendously, so please don't let that stop you! For those of you thinking about signing up with Paypal, if you use my account jakkal@shifters.org as your referer I automatically get $5.

Laters (hopefully)

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