Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

The Year In Review Meme

Yoinked from a few different people. So basically you take the first line of the first entry of the month and post it as your year in review.

Oh god, and I don't make sense as it is!

January - November is done!
February - Things I find hilarious about the self esteem lacking members of people that stick their nose in our community.
March - I had some sinus fun this weekend that extended into today.
April - ACCORDING TO YOUR ANSWERS, The political description that fits you best is... LIBERAL
May - TOPEKA, Kansas (Reuters) -- Evolution is going on trial in Kansas.
June - We were supposed to go with Savage to an animal sanctuary today, but I got awful sick again.
July - Well I spent most of this weekend fighting working with various tools to get Raptor3d done.
August - Well we made it to Michigan okay.
September - Hey, if you guys know of any fundraisers for weres or furs hit by the hurricane, please post them here.
October - Well I did a bit of an art dump at Sheezy.
November - The week was uneventful, and even if we had internet, I wouldn't have had time to do anything.
December - And I didn't even make it.

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