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SecondLife Winter Festival/Expo

It's pretty cool that the Lindens (The people that run SL) have these little expos and festivals where builders like myself can make themed work in a sort of full-sim gallery of talent. It's a lot of fun. Unfortunately there isn't enough space for everyone, so you have to 'win' a spot in a raffle.

I was lucky enough to win this time around, so I had to try and figure out what I wanted to do for the Expo. Originally I wanted to do a christmas decoration scene with a bunch of animals decorating a tree. But there's a prim limit, and I think the scene I wanted would have had to take well over 300-400 prims to pull off.

So instead, I went with the old Fluffy (Werewolf) idea, and added a little Balto. Remember the scene of the white wolf howling? Well, I decided to make my own howling white wolf. (And if you click on him, he howls).


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