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Well I thought I'd try...

To update my journal on a more... on a "regular" basis. Right now I'm sitting here wondering if I should just go to bed. Photoshop is getting harder and harder to work on, just making a line on it takes several seconds. A few times tonite coloring BT, I thought it was going to lock up. Somehow my comp managed to pull through each time though. It's likely due to Bowtie giving me his old 1ghz Duron and replacing the 800mHz. Still can't do shit cuz of the 100mHz FSB

Hopefully my case will be in this week. Neil Weber (and I hope he doesn't mind me posting this here ;) is doing some custom case art for me. Holy shit is his work awesome. You can view some of his other work on his VCL gallery (don't have the URL handy right now) or at http://www.kitsunecases.com . Once the case is in, we can start building my new machine. Many thanks to the donators of BT and Kaerwyn. Without you guys I'd be shit outta luck.

In other news, I finally got all the forums working again. Kaerwyn, Therianthropy.org and Keenshift's forums all took a dive at the same time. In addition, they're all hosted on the same server. GO FIGURE. After dicking around with their tech support and proving I know more than their average customer (I did do their job for 2 years) they finally fixed the ODBC problem AND helped me set up the mySQL databases for the forums. TO really pissed me off. I spent at least 2 hours last week manually inputting information for all 457 users. Lots of fields were missing data and it caused all kinds of havok for the scriptwork. Well we gave up and started anew. At least most people don't seem to mind the switchover. I trust phpBB, I think it'll treat us well. At least now the Kaerwyn RPers can edit their character sheets, AND post them without it getting cut off. Damned Access limits.

Speaking of Websites, I just redesigned mine. It's way more bandwidth intensive than any of my old sites. I'm on a dialup myself, but I figured "Fuck it" almost everyone has broadband now-a-days, and anyone still on a modem is USED to waiting. I'm still not totally happy with the "new look" but I abhored the old Drakkolupen site. I had fun doing the little character animations as well. I always wanted to be an animator.

Comics, comics, who's got the comics. Kaerwyn is now at least 2 weeks behind again. I swear I'll never be able to catch up. The logs are horrible and I can't do everything on my own. Reading the logs, editing the logs, going back and forward to make sure everything edited makes sense, removing characters not in the comic, switching lines around, and THEN finally drawing, inking, shading, erasing, scanning, layout, COLORING, adding the lines, adding the effects... And to top it all off, with the way my comp is running it's doubling the time it takes to finish a damn comic. OY. Hopefully I'll be able to actually catch up on Kaerwyn between issues 8 and 9 of BT.

Speaking of BT, I've got SOOO many cameos I have to work into the next one. And they're all kaetif! Well I have a little plan, I aim to get all the cameos featured in Issue 9. Now I just need to figure out what Issue 9 will be about Eheh.

Last week we finally put tags on the Oldsmobile so we could enjoy the rest of the summer with it. I love that car. I hope we can take it to the beach before it gets too cold. Or wet, stupid hurricanes. I'm watching Isabel. Last thing we need is to get flooded out right before the move. Oh yeah we're moving at the end of the month. Finally getting the hell out of this trailer and back into an apartment in Raleigh. Yay! Swimming pool and fitness room here I come. I can't WAIT to take advantage of the racketball court. That is if they accept us. We're still in the "we don't know yet" stage.

That's all fer now yo.

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