Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Project Manticore Update

I put the pics in my art journal.

Just for some info, he's a SecondLife avatar. He's got 4 different color control settings (Body, Underside of the body, Claws/horns and Eyes). He has the snarl and no-snarl effects. He also has folding and unfolding wings. And now he has acid-spray breath.

I intend to give him a pose where he gets down on all fours, sticks his tail up, and shoots "poisonous" spines.

So far this is my most heavily scripted avatar with the most options. I am LOVING the way he's turning out. In the works, I plan to make a werewolf with the recolor scripts in it. I will potentially work on the dragons as well to add in the new scripts. That's a lot of work, however, so don't expect the dragons anytime soon. The werewolf could come next week if I get more free time.

But I promised I'd go with Bow tonight, so I can't do anything further on it for now. Oh well. I look forward to working on it this weekend.

And to everyone, happy holidays, merry xmas, have a yule day, happy kwaanza, happy hanukkah, and/or happy/merry whatever you celebrate.

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