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I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or whatever)

I don't really get much for Xmas anymore, like I did when I was little. Lately it's mostly me treating myself, with Bow's permission of course hehe. This year we got that aquarium of course, it's something Bow and I both wanted, so we picked out everything together and picked out the fish together. We got some more fish for it yesterday, and the tank is fully populated and beautiful.

The full lineup: 3 swordtails (two pineapple, one red/orange), dalmatian molly, two algae eaters, a male blue dwarf gourami, a ghost catfish (which I later found out are schooling fish, "Oh shit"), two sissortails, a female betta (She was an accidental catch), a male betta (In his own tank by himself), 10 neon tetras and I think that's all. Despite having so many fish, the tank is still very open and doesn't look crowded at all. They all seem to have acclimated well, though I'm worried about the ghost catfish as other sites say they're schooling fish, and they're really hard to take care of. I'm thinking about returning him tomorrow. We asked the people at the store if any of the fish we were buying are schooling fish, and they told us "no" for the Ghost Catfish. So now I'm a little miffed.

Yesterday we had a wonderful dinner at the Outback, with lots of Xmas music and Xmas lights decorating the whole restaurant. It was really lovely. When we got home, we took advantage of the warm weather and jumped into the hot tub.

Tonight I am treating the mens to an Xmas dinner of smoked salmon in italian garlic butter marinade.

In other news, MTV is having an Avatar Fashion show on SecondLife. Yeah, can you believe that? MTV. The Lindens put out a call for auditions, and so... I submitted my WereWolf, DrakkoTerra, and the Manticore. Now I need to work my ass off to finish the Manticore just incase.

Of course there is no guaranteeing that they will pick my avatars, BUT, it would be awesome to have my stuff displayed on MTV, even if they make fun of it :]

So Wish me luck!

And everyone have a great day, and happy holidays.

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