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It appears...

That I've caught a cold or something.

It started yesterday, I was REALLY hungry all day, I couldn't figure out why. Usually I'm not very hungry, and even eating something little (like a small can of peaches) is good enough for me. But yesterday I went through a whole big can of campbell's soup, big bowl of popcorn, a silm fast milkshake (That usually does it for me right there) and a whole bowl of mac and cheese and I was STILL hungry.

Well later on, I got to feeling kinda icky, and got a sore throat, sneezing, and uber runny nose. Right now I still have the sore throat, coughing from post nasal drip, runny nose and sneezing, and I just feel generally 'bad'. I'm not as hungry though.

Oh and yay, a T-storm...

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