Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

So Alpha's tank needed cleaning...

Alpha is our Betta fish. It was either name him "Alpha" or "Masta" and we already had one named Masta a while ago.

Anyway, he seemed really agitated yesterday, just flipping out in his little tiny tank (The little tiny hex kind that's about the size of a large cup of coffee.). I thought maybe the tank was just too small for him and he wanted the fuck out of there. So I put him in the big tank. We've had betas in our community tanks before and they didn't cause a problem. I guess in some cases they're good community add ons.

Not alpha. I've come to the conclusion that he's just an asshole. He started attacking all the fish except the neon tetras, the ghost catfish and the algae eaters. He did the whole agressive stance to the swordtails and even the females. He started going after them so they'd have to hide in the plants, or hide where the filter water enters the tank (He can't swim through that current of course).

What a fucking dick! So when I was done cleaning out his tank, back in it he went. But now he's going t apeshit again.

This weekend when I go to petsmart, I'm going to get him his own 1 gallon (or larger) tank and get him out of that little tiny thing. He can still stay in here with me and have a whole tank to himself. Prick. Right now he keeps trying to fight his reflection in my pencil sharpener, so I better go move that quick.

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