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Everything changes. It's the only universal constant, change. How ironic. And yet, people avoid change. Change is bad they say, change causes confusion! I don't think so. I think change is what makes life interesting. Who better to understand change than therianthrope? Eheh, stupid were humor there. Anyway, yes change. I'm looking around my bedroom right now wondering what to keep and what to throw out, as my life is about to change once more. We're moving back to an apartment in Raleigh. We can move as soon as we want, but what to keep? So much crap we've stored up around here, I'm half thinking of selling a bunch of shit on Ebay for whatever it goes for, just to get rid of it.

Daily happenings, let's see. My comp is getting slower and slower despite the fact it has a faster processor in it. I draw a line on PS and it shows up several seconds later. Makes coloring BT infuriating, and takes twice as long. I'm literally drawing blind cuz I'm too impatient to wait for the line to show up. The damn thing blue screened tonite, in the middle of BT. Thankfully I only lost two lines of dialogue. It kinda sucked since I make up the dialogue in the fly, so I lost whatever it was that I said. Did I mention I have the memory of a betta fish? Well I think I recovered okay. I was pissed that the BSOD made me late for the update though *sigh*. Yes I am anal when it comes to the comic.

I guess I should take the time to start working with traditional media again. I just... hate it. I used to love working with colored pencils when I was younger, but even then, I loved painting on the school's computers. Maybe this is just my niche? I dunno. Which leads me to my next thought, I really hate the way PS artists are often looked down upon because we use PS. I, like many PS painters, avoid the use of filters. When I do use filters, it's only as a tool, much as a painter would use a sponge to give a textured effect. I never leave a filter as-is on one of my paintings, they look so cheap and generic. I dabbled with Painter Classic a few days ago. Now, why is it everyone loves the stuff people make with painter, but PS is "cheapens the art?" I'm sorry, but Painter, to me, seems to make it easier for someone to make a work of art, where it takes more know-how and skill in PS to make something look like traditional media. I'm not saying people shouldn't use Painter, or anything done in Painter is "cheap". Infact I'm saying people should give both programs the same due respect as any media. I understand digital art isn't "worth" as much as traditional art because there's no use of materials, and the undo button cheapens it significantly. But that doesn't mean everything done digitally was "easily rendered." That's just my thought of the day. I need to try to get some stuff done in PS now. Joy.

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