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Well everyone else is making their 911 entries. I suppose it's time for mine. For those that don't know, yes I am American. Yes I am patriotic. And yes I mourn the loss of life just as anyone else does, even though I see it differently than most. Needless bloodshed is a horrible tragedy, no matter what people die, no matter what country it's in, and no matter what form it takes. No one has the right to end another's life, even from the standpoint of ars vindictae.

On 9-11-01 I called in sick for work. I just didn't feel well. About an hour later we got the phone call from Coyote asking if we were okay, that prompted my roomie at the time to turn the TV on, and he woke us up and told us what happened. I, like many others, thought it was an accident. A really friggin' WEIRD accident. Terrorism crossed my mind, because I remembered the bombing in 93, but I couldn't imagine they'd be able to hijack and plane. Well I was wrong when I saw the footage of that second plane hit. It was like watching a movie. It didn't affect me directly. I had a cousin that worked for American Airlines, but she wasn't on any of those planes thankfully. I didn't know anyone that died. I just kinda drifted on after that, watching the events as they played out... and watching Bush getting high off the publicity he /did not earn/.

On 9-11-02, I did a tribute to the anniversary on BT with Lorelei holding the American flag. I got bitched out by fans.

On 9-11-03, I only put "never forget" on the current BT. Avoiding the bitching from last year. And that leads me to my actual journal entry. Now it is my turn to bitch.

For those of you in other countries who are "tired of hearing about 9-11," Fuck off and die already. Take your whiney little asses and go do something productive for once. Go shoot yourself and maybe someone will actually care. How DARE you come down on people for honoring the loss of life. Only in this day and age would people be so fucking rude and selfish. And to those of you in the United States who "hate this country" for it's bullshit. Leave. You don't need to stay here, leave the damn country. Stop bitching and take action! Talk is cheap, START SWIMMING TO EUROPE. Maybe you'll do the world some good and drown on the way to your 'new life somewhere else.'

If some of you hadn't forgotten, there were citizens from at least 14 other countries in the WTC doing daily business and visits. There were kids in there taking tours, and lots of tourists. It's /not/ just an American thing. It was the WORLD Trade center. When it was attacked, there was an attack on the world. Yes it was on American soil, but it affected people /everywhere/. Innocent people fucking died. They DIED and all you can say is "I'm tired of hearing the patriotism from the Americans". Go kill yourself so I can tell your family members to "Stop whining about your loss. You oversensitivity annoys me."

I just cannot believe the audacity of some people. Now excuse me while I try to honor the dead without bitching out the living.

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