Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,


We had to take Midnite to the vet today. No, nothingserious, just her annual checkup, shots and most especially, grooming. We usually shave her about twice a year, she's a mutt, and on her legs she has a mix of wirey hair and border collie thin whispy hair. Well needless to day, the whipsy hair gets caught around the wirey hair, and it turns into tangle hell. It doesn't help that she's always licking herself constantly, and that just makes it worse. We've tried brushing her everyday and such, but we can't keep up. We just shave her. She's an inside dog, so it doesn't affect her that much, and she always seems so much happier and more active without it.

Anyway, we decided that we didn't feel like fighting her again to shave her (She hates the shaving part and always gives us a hard time), so we took her to the vet/groomer.

$350 later she's home and looks like half the dog she was before. But damn have vet visit fees gone up, you used to be able to get all the shots for under $100. Holy hell. The grooming part was just $75.

She also weighs 106lbs, so she needs to get her fat ass on a diet. Hopefully having the yard will help the weight problem.

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