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More SL Drama.

Read only if you're that bored. Good god. This one was just amazing. He's in the 'babyfur' group, seems like it's a requirement that one is a dick. I was going to make this friends only, but since he hinted at threats, I decided to make it public.

Musuko Massiel: (Saved Fri Jan 13 01:33:59 2006) Hi.
Musuko Massiel: (Saved Fri Jan 13 01:35:05 2006) I have a slight problem with a Werewolf Avatar, and was hoping you can help. I am trying to make some "taming" jewelry for the paws...long story short, I need to be able to link the additions to the paw prims themelves, which I can't do as they're no mod
Musuko Massiel: (Saved Fri Jan 13 01:35:52 2006) Is there any way you'd be willing to offer my client a no-trans, no-copy, mod version of the paws (attach to forearms) so I can complete this commission for him?
Jakkal Dingo: I'm sorry but the werewolves clearly state they're no-mod. The paws are not attached to the ands however, you might be able to put the objects on the hands and try to line them up with the werewolf paws.
Musuko Massiel: The trouble with that is that when the hands are moved (say, in poses), the objects will slip out of alignment with the paws.
Musuko Massiel: There is another option...
Jakkal Dingo: I understand that, but they are no-mod.
Musuko Massiel: If I make the attachments, would you be willing to link them to a set of of paws and provide the linked copies non-mod?
Musuko Massiel: I'm aware that you don't do custom avatar commissions...
Musuko Massiel: But I'
Musuko Massiel: I'm hoping you could do this?
Jakkal Dingo: I can for $2000L
Musuko Massiel: $2K just to link something I make to something you make?
Musuko Massiel: You might want to reconsider that. I can just replicate the paws with some patience.
Jakkal Dingo: have fun then
Jakkal Dingo: If you can make them, why ask me at all?
Musuko Massiel: Because I thought you might be approachable, appreciative of how popular your avatar is, and not unreasonable when it comes to a minor request that doesn't comprimise your intellectual property.
Jakkal Dingo: So when you don't get your way you become unreasonable and infringe on that property?
Jakkal Dingo: Nice to know.
Jakkal Dingo: My problem is, the werewolf IS popular. I don't currently HAVE a mod version out.
Jakkal Dingo: And if EVERYONE comes to me asking for mods I won't have time to do anything else.
Musuko Massiel: 1: mimicking your creation is not infringing on the property. You do not own copyright on a werewolf look.
Jakkal Dingo: So I have to charge MORE for changes to ensure I am not swamped.
Musuko Massiel: 2: all objects within second life are the property of Linden Labs anyway.
Musuko Massiel: 3: I am not asking you for a mod. I am making the mod. I am asking you to spend 30 seconds linking my mod to the paw objects.
Jakkal Dingo: And i will, for a fee.
Musuko Massiel: $2k for linking objects is an unreasonable fee, and you know it.
Jakkal Dingo: Yes becuase I don't have time to do it for everyone that asks.
Jakkal Dingo: So I don't find it unreasonable in the slightest.
Musuko Massiel: You've had time for this conversation. The connection would take a shorter amount of time than this.
Musuko Massiel: So tell me you don't have time.
Jakkal Dingo: Your logic fails you in that you don't know how I build. In addition, typing takes a lot less time than trying to put prims together.
Jakkal Dingo: In addition, you could pass the fee on to your customer.
Musuko Massiel: You don't NEED to build.
Jakkal Dingo: You don't need to make a commission.
Musuko Massiel: All you need to do is line up my object and your paws, select them all, and "link"
Musuko Massiel: It is not a mod job for you in any way shape or form.
Jakkal Dingo: You apparently don't understand, or care about my position here. If everyone asks me to do a mod to the werewolf, I will be swamped. And many people have, and I have simply refused.
Musuko Massiel: You AREN'T being asked to mod the werewolf.
Musuko Massiel: I am modding it.
Jakkal Dingo: Adding parts is modding.
Musuko Massiel: I'm just asking you to link my mod to the arm prims.
Musuko Massiel: I am providing the parts.
Jakkal Dingo: Let's just make it easy then since I'm not the only one being "unreasonable" here.
Musuko Massiel: I'll pay you for it, but not $2k. That's ridiculous and you know it.
Jakkal Dingo: No.
Jakkal Dingo: You should have tried to talk me down to begin with instead of being a dick about it.
Musuko Massiel: Telling you I think a $2k asking price is unreasonable is "being a dick"?
Musuko Massiel: Have you ever worked in business? *chuckles*
Jakkal Dingo: Dickery -> Musuko Massiel: You might want to reconsider that. I can just replicate the paws with some patience.
Musuko Massiel: $500 is a reasonable asking price.
Jakkal Dingo: yes sir, I have.
Musuko Massiel: For free is an asking price for a sensible person who likes pleasing customers.
Musuko Massiel: Especially one thinking "hmm...those avatars are nice. Might get one myself some time".
Musuko Massiel: So. Do you want to make an easy $500, or not?
Jakkal Dingo: No. I don't care about the money. I care about equality and fairness. In addition, you are not currently a customer.
Jakkal Dingo: Mayhaps you should have your comissioner speak with me, I may be more 'reasonable' to them.
Musuko Massiel: But my client is. It is on his behalf that I ask.
Jakkal Dingo: You may have him contact me then.
Musuko Massiel: Tell me this: have any other people come to you with this same request: not a mod, but for you to attach a mod they've made to a part of the avatar?
Jakkal Dingo: Yes.
Musuko Massiel: How many?
Jakkal Dingo: I'd save over 30
Jakkal Dingo: say
Musuko Massiel: And did you request $2k of all of them?
Jakkal Dingo: Actually no. I told them "I don't do mods".
Musuko Massiel: So how is that equality?
Jakkal Dingo: Well if they ask me again, I will tell them $2k
Musuko Massiel: You're after an easy buck. Nothing more.
Jakkal Dingo: No, I'm not. Because I knew you wouldn't take it.
Musuko Massiel: Then why did you offer it?
Jakkal Dingo: ANd frankly, I was hoping that would be the end of it. Because you wouldn't take no for an answer.
Jakkal Dingo: Because if I'm going to offer it, I'm going to offer it at a price that people would not swamp me with.
Musuko Massiel: You could have saved yourself a LOT of time and avoided this discussion by just saying yes, you know.
Musuko Massiel: You're not being asked for a mod. you're being asked to link prims.
Jakkal Dingo: And you could have avoided all this and saved time by ending it after I said No.
Musuko Massiel: Jakkal Dingo: You should have tried to talk me down to begin with instead of being a dick about it.
Musuko Massiel: I've offered $500. What's your next offer?
Jakkal Dingo: I told you No.
Jakkal Dingo: I'm not at all interested in your money, or your attitude.
Musuko Massiel: So if you're not interested in my money, why did you ask for $2k instead of just saying "no"?
Jakkal Dingo: I have already explained this point to you, if you want to continue going in circles, do so with someone else. I will not restate my position to you over and over again.
Musuko Massiel: I'll ask again...
Musuko Massiel: Why did you ask for $2k instead of just saying no?
Musuko Massiel: And for that matter...
Musuko Massiel: ...why don't you sell your avatars for free?
Musuko Massiel: If you're "not interested in money"?
Jakkal Dingo: Jakkal Dingo: Because if I'm going to offer it, I'm going to offer it at a price that people would not swamp me with.
Musuko Massiel: So you DO want to do it...
Jakkal Dingo: Because I don't care about the $2k either, but $2k is enough to keep people from constantly asking me.
Musuko Massiel: You just don't want to do it often, and want to make plenty from it.
Jakkal Dingo: Heh, no.
Musuko Massiel: Then you should say "no" in 9 of 10 cases then.
Musuko Massiel: You're after money, plain and simple.
Jakkal Dingo: Oh I learned my lesson with you, sir. Definitely.
Jakkal Dingo: I'm not after money at all because I knew you wouldn't take it.
Musuko Massiel: Hope you enjoyed selling avatars. ^_^
Musuko Massiel: (I could pay 20 times that without breaking a sweat)
Jakkal Dingo: Good for you, but you're not. So I'm still right.
Musuko Massiel: One thing you should learn from this: annoyed customers tell their friends.
Jakkal Dingo: You're not a customer. Please have your customer discuss it with me and I may be more inclined to help them.
Musuko Massiel: And don't piss off a kitty with plenty of customers. ^_^
Jakkal Dingo: But you, sir, have been nothing but unreasonable.
Musuko Massiel: I am speaking on behalf of a customer.
Musuko Massiel: Do you know ANYTHING about business?
Jakkal Dingo: But you are not a customer, so please refrain from pretending to be so.
Musuko Massiel: I am speaking on behalf of one.
Jakkal Dingo: Yes sir, and I wish not to be taken advantage of as you have tried to do several times now.
Musuko Massiel: *chuckles* You think you'd have better luck scamming my client.
Jakkal Dingo: If that's what you wish to think. But you can warn them of how 'unreasonable' I am being.
Musuko Massiel: Up to you mate: 30 seconds work and make all this worthwhile for a decent price, or make this time wasted and have a bad rep spread.
Jakkal Dingo: No. Spread all yo uwish.
Musuko Massiel: You're essentially telling a paying customer and a potential customer to take a hike.
Musuko Massiel: Like I said...I hope you enjoyed selling avatars. ^_^
Musuko Massiel: Had you never thought of this:
Jakkal Dingo: Yep. If it ends, it ends. Talk to you later.

It was at this point that I muted him. I have other things to attend to, despite how much fun it was.

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