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Predicting Drama

Someone dropped the F-bomb on SL's forums. No, not the word "Fuck", the questions about "Furry". Specifically someone wanted to know what the difference was between a furry and an anthro. I'm sure I'll get flamed by all the insecure furries that just have to thrust me into their fandom.

Sure it's all fun and games for everyone, when it's voluntary. I haven't started shit yet, I probably won't. Many times I've been called a furry on SL, and honestly folks, I don't even respond to it. I'm not that uppity about it, but when someone asks the general question, and another person answers "If you're anthro, you're a furry", it kind of pisses me off. I don't like being lumped into a group unwillingly. And I don't like it when the fuckers won't respect *my* wishes for what group *I'm* in, and this is also what turns a lot of people off the fandom. They want me to be tolerant, yet they are not tolerant.

Yes I know, not all furries are this way, you don't have to keep reminding me of it over and over again. I know many of you guys are cool, normal, and aren't shitheads. And you guys are not the ones I'm constantly ranting about.

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