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Fun little game.

I saw this link from lunarfirefly. It's the inverted hands game, and it looks pretty funny.

I think I shall initiate that here on LJ, except I will be adding rules to insure more embarassment and funnage.

1. You have to type with your hands inverted (left hand on the right hand home row, and vice versa).
2. You can't look at the KB.
3. You have to type REALLY FAST.
4. No cheating, if you screw up and go back, put your ego in the back seat for once. It's not fun if you get it right, infact, I'll roll my eyes at you if you do.
5. You can try several times if you like.

So let's try:
jalljd Dang
jalljd omgwtf
jakkjd so close
jakkad #&$#%
jakkal woo hoo

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