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You know...

I really don't want to hate. Infact, I hate hating. I really don't like it. I don't like fighting. I don't like getting stress up, and I certainly don't like fighting on the internet where it's retarded, pointless, and -never- has a resolution.

And furthermore, I Really don't want to hate furries. But you people make it SO HARD (no pun intended) to do that. Why can't you people please leave me alone?! Heaven forbid I DISAGREE WITH YOU. Heaven forbid MY OPINIONS PISS YOU OFF. Heaven forbid I DON'T WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH PEOPLE WHO WON'T STOP FUCKING HOUNDING ME ABOUT IT. Take your fucking psycho-pills and leave me alone. Yes some people don't want to be furries! OMGWTFNOES!!!!

I am NOT a furry. I don't want to be a furry. GET OVER IT, PLEASE. Go find something productive to do, go wack off to your cocks on SL or hump each other incessently on Anthrochat (Or whatever yiffnet is called these days). But please stop insisting that I'm a furry, that my stuff is 'furry'. Grant me that one right in life!

The crazy ones wonder why they drive people away. Constantly hounding someone over the same thing over and over again tends to do that, you know?

But I'm getting very very close to being completely anti-furry, because the bad are waaaaay outnumbering the few good.

And I Really don't appreciate comments such as: I wish people would stop shooting themselves in the foot by avoiding the
term "furry."

Trust me, sir, I would much rather shoot myself in the face than submit to being called a furry at this point in time. I might have been willing to join the fandom in the past, but all the furries have managed to do is piss me off with their absorb-everything-anthro mentality.

You people have your strange disorders, your weird quirks, your personal idiosyncrasies. You guys preach for tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. Learn to return the damn favor. My strange disorder... my quirk.. my idiosyncrasy? I don't like being labelled, pigeonholed, or being called a 'furry'. Get. Over. It.

It is NOT an insult to you if I decline to call myself a furry. If you find that insulting, either A. Ignore me. B. Stop reading this journal, stop looking at my art, and stop reading my comics. or C. Go see a shrink, you need one.

So really, What is SO WRONG with people skirting the edge of the fandom without being in it? Huh? What's wrong with someone calling themselves a Fantasy Animal Artist, as opposed to a "Furry Artist?" What's wrong with it? Why does it insult you people so much? I'm not actively insulting furries right now. I could think of many colorful things to say about furries in general, but I'm not. All I'm asking is to be left alone. Stop hounding me like SomethingAwful hounded you.

Please, feel free to reply so others can see how obsessive you people are about it. And for those of you who are cool furries, you can reply too to remind me that not all of you guys are batshit insane.
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