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Are really the only time we can ever get anything done. Since Bow works nights, it's hard for us to do anything during "normal" hours. Being so far away from civilization doesn't help either. Yesterday we drove up to our new apartment complex and gave them the security and pet deposits. We move it on the 27th. So it's official, we /are/ moving back to Raleigh. I can't WAIT to use the fitness center and the pool. I'm also going to enjoy being able to walk to McD's, Subway, Quiznos, and a bunch of other fast food joints in the area. I will miss having a yard though, and instead of just letting the dogs out, we have to keep them on a leash at all times. I'm sure they'll hate that. Midnite needs to be walked anyway, she's chubby. After that, we went over to the new Best Buy that's just a few miles from the apartment and picked up a new power supply for my machine. Bow said he didn't trust the cheap shit 500Watt that the case came with, so it'll be used as a backup if any other PS's blow out in the house. So he built the BT machine last night, and it looks SOOO awesome. I plan to take pics of it tonite with the CRT's and LED's on it. Neil Weber did an excellent job of literally making it the BT machine.

In other news, I have to start packing incase we need to evacuate later this week. Why? Look here:

That's the current projected path for when I'm writing this entry. It still might miss us. (That black dot is about where we are) I live about 100 miles from the coast of NC, unfortunately with the way NC is shaped, that means about a couple hundred miles or so south of me is right into the ocean. And what's a couple hundred miles mean? That hurricane Isabel can still hit us with hurricane force winds if it makes landfall on any of SC/NC's shoreline. And I live in a mobile home. Ironic that this thing might hit us a week before we move huh? I really don't want to lose the BT machine or my artwork to this thing, cuz frankly I don't think this place could stand up to hurricane force winds in the condition that it's in. It survived Floyd, but Floyd didn't make landfall here.

Anyway, I'm watching this damn thing closely and if it looks like it's coming this way, I'm high-tailing it to Greensboro and spending the night at my parent's house. If the thing does hit us, and the house still manages to survive, we likely won't have power or phone for several days (per the norm with hurricanes). So I'll try to get back in contact with everyone as soon as I can.

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