Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

You know...

It's amusing the way a lot of Muslims are up in arms about a stupid drawing. Yes, they're rioting over a Danish picture showing Muhammad wearing a bomb on his turban or something.

Now, granted I come from a country of free speech (At least for now anyway) so things like this are commonplace, and aren't really held with much seriousness. So I may be a bit biased in this.

What I think is REALLY ironic is that these guys are protesting the picture (Because depicting Muhammad is against the teachings of the Quran) by attacking people and burning down buildings - which is ALSO apparently against the teachings of Muhammad himself in the Quran.

So really, what do we all learn from this?

Only Muslims can break holy law! Anyone else is a defiler and blasphemer.

Anyone else think we should just nuke the whole goddamn Middle east? I mean they've been bickering and fighting for over 2000 years. People think Internet drama lasts for eternity...

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