Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Man the griefing just won't stop.

Had s'more griefers attack us on our land in SL tonight. If it's not one person, it's another. That just seems to be the way of things for me.

These little trolls that look like retarded gary colemen started insulting us because we were wearing anthro avatars. They quickly learned that we're not your typical emofur that will cry and beg them to leave. Oh no, we'll get right in the brawl with them.

And I dropped the n-bomb and they went apeshit on me. It was fucking hilarious, and I never even said it against them either. Now everyone knows I'm the equal opportunity offender. Be it spic, cracker, or nigger, I'm all in there dishing out the insults right fucking back to them. If they wanna make fun of me for wearing a wolf av, I'm going to make fun of them for acting like your stereotypical, poverty level, inner city, no shame, drug dealing nigga.

And after they made a few insults I said, "Must not make nigga comments". Frankly they were acting like niggas. Note, there is a distinction between black people, and niggas. And I consider the 'niggas' to be those idiots that live up to the stereotype and try to be all badass. You wanna dish out insults? You best learn to take them, darkmeat, cuz I will be right there reading to serve the finger lickin' goodness.

So anyway, they get all worked up and cluck around us. Bow puts a white cone on his head and runs around them. And I'm threatening to throw chicken legs and watermelon to the other side of the street so they'll chase like rabid dogs to a bone. Wanna make fun of my mother (lamely no less), I'll make fun of your race.

So then they get in my face and call me a racist. So I politely remind them that I hate everyone equally.

The funniest part, I was working on a new vendor setup for my avatars. They come roaring up and insult us, I'm barely paying attention to them. I was working on buttons for the avatar categories (Wild Canines, Dogs, Big Cats, etc). Well I had a few on the vendor already trying to figure out what the best look is. So during this I made one that said "Niggas". Unfortunately Bow kicked them out by that point.

It would have been fucking hilarious to see them react to that one.

Moral of the story? Going to dish out the shizzle, better be able to take it, nigga. And for the love of god, it's "SPAYED." Not SPADE or SPAYDED. Idiots. In the immortal words of one old Biff Tannen: "You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong."

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