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Packing went well...

... today. I've got seven boxes of things packed. Two are full of art books, two are full of art, and one box is dedicated to BT, Kaerwyn and Crimson Fury. Thank god. I'm taking a break for now. According to the latest computer models, the hurricane shouldn't be making landfall near us, it'll hit Cape Hatteras.
If that's the case then we're prolly only looking at getting a overly windy/rainy day, but nothing threatening. That's good at least, but hurricanes are unpredictable things. Two high pressure systems are looming to the north of the 'cane that could make predicting it's landfall like a roll of the dice. It is not unheard of for a high pressure system to force a hurricane to make a 90 degree turn. As long as it doesn't make landfall south of Cape Hatteras, we should be okay.

Thanks to everyone that's thinking about us. If the hurricane looks like it's coming this way, I'm going to move out Wednesday night. If not, I plan to try to make up for what BT missed this week. If anything, at least the 'cane encouraged me to pack, since we're moving in two weeks anyway.

All for now.

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