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Okay so...

Kayla has made me a comic display thingie that I can put on SecondLife, so SLers can view my comic in game. Right? Right.

Okay, I use PS CS2 (BT's site was originally created in PS6). And for those of you who have upgraded like me, you know that PS doesn't like text files from older PS versions, so it asks you if you want to update the text (because CS 2 offers many more options than previous versions and so on). So I click "Yes", Update the text.

So I pull up BT's original layout so I can make the comic viewer look like, well, BT's site kinda.

And I notice something in the corner of my eye next to the tapestry banner design. And I'm like WTF is that?

So I zoom in on it

And I Realize that whoever made that font is a dirty perverted mofugger. Apparently PS changed a space to that image instead when it did the Text update.

Shocked I was, yes. But it's funny as hell.

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