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Please keep in mind...

When you are reading this journal, that this is a form of stress relief for me. It's like a soap box, a place where I can yell and scream and say whatever the fuck I want to get stress offa me. Yes, I'm stressed, everyone's stressed, and everyone needs a form of stress relief. This is mine.

That's why this journal is full of ranting and raving, well that and people sometimes say they're amused by my rants. I know I'm not 100% right or justified (Who is?), and I seem like I'm not laid back, or don't get over stuff. I do get over stuff, usually when I rant in here. If you're judging me based on a few journal entries, you don't know me at all. I'm generally a laid back, fun loving person that gets harassed by assholes constantly.

I would also appreciate it if people stopped trying to read into me and taking things the wrong way. I know sometimes it's hard to take things in certain ways, but like the previous two entries, I bet many people are thinking "She just doesn't want anyone to modify her precious avatars". No that's not true, I have a gallery, infact, for people to upload the mods they've done. The problem that I have is the complete and total disrespect for my opinions, my feelings, and my work. I also didn't appreciate being insulted by calling me "greedy" for charging $.50 worth of work to make a mod.

So if you're reading this journal, rolling your eyes, and thinking "Get over it" remember, that this journal is a process by which I -can- get over it. If you don't like that, feel free to unfriend me. I really don't care.*

*That was not sarcastic, that's my true apathy showing.

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