Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Finally back.

What did our impromptu trip entail? Well, we decided to go to the mountains. On the way up there, however, was our last trip in the Silverado, ever. I miss that truck a lot, but sometimes you have to let things go, and move on.

You see, I found something on Auto Trader that we absolutely could not pass up. Ever since I found out Chevrolet was making a vehicle known as the "Avalanche" I have always wanted one. We were even on the original mailing list for it after I saw it at the Detroit Auto Show as merely a concept vehicle. When they finally came out, we had decided to buy one. Then we got the sticker shock. They were simply too expensive (starting at $35,000, that was too much for us to afford).

Friday night, while looking through Auto Trader's listings, I found one. I found the perfect one. The. Perfect. One.

And of course, I have to show the one picture where Trakker, the camera whore, decided to run infront of me while I was taking pics:

Goodbye Silverado. Hello Avalanche.

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