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NCSU wrote me back...

They said my credits still apply. So I guess I'd be somewhere around the sophomore/junior level. Now what do I major in? I was thinking Natural Resources, but the thought of being involved with natural disasters all day /really/ intregues me. When I was in university, I was going to minor in Meterology, and those classes /were/ my favorite by far. But there's also oceanic geology. Again, I'm really worried about the math, but I think my friends can beat it into my head how the math works. As far as math goes, once I'm show /how/ something works, I'm fine. It's getting someone to explain how it works to be the problem. I'd have to take some of the calculus (and worse) classes that I thankfully got to avoid when I was in zoology. I passed with an "A" in what we called "Calculus for Life science majors" and what the PAMS (Physical and Mathematical Sciences) called "Calc for morons." Now how well would I do in Calc for "People way more intelligence than YOU"? I dunno, but damnitall, I'm gunna try. I only need one more class to minor in zoology. I think I can easily handle that. Now for the major. Wildlife Science, Natural Resources or Meterology?

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