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Of course I say that knowing good and well you people will click on it. Standard reverse psychology. Whatever.

I feel like I'm living in a constant "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. No matter what I do, it's never right, it's never good enough. Whatever I don't do, it's not right. When I try to correct my mistake, and do the opposite, I should have taken the other route. What is the right answer now, is only the right answer now. The answer will change next time. Doing the right thing is a matter of luck, which I have none of.

Remember everyone, the lesson is that "It's always Jakkal's fault, somehow."

I'm tired of being the outlet of negativity. Sure you're not bitching *at me* you're just bitching *to me* and after a while I can't take it anymore. I'm fed up. Any negativity that comes in is immediately pushed out - which only causes more.

I am not allowed any rights because of "My situation". I am not allowed feelings as someone else's always have priority. I am not allowed opinions because they are either wrong, or someone else's have priority.

I am required to be omniscient. It is necessary that I'm omnipresent. Lacking these means I am guaranteed to make a mistake.

I must put everything aside for 'just incase'.

I am always in the wrong.

I have no rights.

I must agree with everything. If I do not agree with everything, I am being unreasonable and closedminded.

What's good now, is not necessarily good tomorrow. What's great now, will probably be awful tomorrow. What's awesome now, will not last.


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