Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

You know...

I find this article particularly interesting and scary: http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/03/03/woman.slain.ap/index.html

Let me give a little info from it before I go on,

MANITOWOC, Wisconsin (AP) -- A 16-year-old boy detailed the final horrific hours of a young photographer, telling investigators he and his uncle raped and killed her when she came to a salvage lot last Halloween on a photo assignment, a criminal complaint says.

Brendan Dassey pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of being party to homicide, mutilation of a corpse and sexual assault of Teresa Halbach.

*snip snip snip*

Kratz said Avery called Auto Trader Magazine, gave a fake name and asked for one of its freelancers -- Halbach -- to come out and photograph a minivan for sale. She had been there several times before for similar appointments.

I find this scary because I had her job. I was an on-location private party photographer for Auto Trader. My district was Durham, which is one of the worst places in NC. Everyday I was afraid something like this might happen. Everyday I had to deal with people who surely were murderers and rapists (at least waiting to happen). Everytime I walked into their houses I'd have a little thought of "Wonder if I'll walk out". Obviously I wasn't -paranoid- or -that freaked out- because I kept the job, I kept going to people's places, and I kept going into their houses without incident. I wasn't scared, or overly worried. The point that I'm trying to make is, the thought was always in the back of my mind. I was hoping that being aware of a situation would help me prevent it, or escape it should it ever happen.

But of course it never did. While the job had it's interesting times, nothing like that ever happened.

I read this article though, and it brings those memories, thoughts, and worries back. I really feel bad for that chick. What happened to her could have easily been me.

Times like this I think the punishment should fit the crime.

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