Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Okay so...

A couple of weeks ago we bought some ghost shrimp for the betta's tank. It's a small tank, which naturally gets very dirty, very quickly. That's not a problem, other than I'm afraid I'm stressing Alpha (the betta) with all the cleanings. So we got the shrimp to help deal with some of the crap on the bottom of the tank.

We knew these were feeder shrimp and chances are Alpha would eat them. Well he did, he killed the last one last night. But after we bought the shrimp we realized that one of them had eggs. Today I saw one of the babies swimming around at the bottom of the tank. We went to petsmart and I picked up a brine shrimp net and some other things. So I'm going to try to save the babies and put them in a divider in the big tank. See if we can get them to survive. I also bought a new 'cleaner' for the betta tank, a snail. Good luck eating him, Alpha HAHA. Alpha hates him already but there's nothing he can do. Not only is the snail fairly large, but ... well he has that shell to protect him. So hopefully he'll get that nasty algae taken care of.

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