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Fundraiser Goodness - The WereList

This isn't so much about the werelist, but about Coyote falling down on his luck. You know this happens to everyone, and you do what you have to, to get out of this funk. But when you're the administrator of a site, when this happens, it potentially means you lose everything you've worked for, and everything you've tried to do for the community.

Coyote has worked hard to make the werelist the 'bridge' of all the therian community sites, chats, information resources, etc. Despite all the bitter hatred and fighting that's gone on between rival sites, their users, and their administrators, Werelist has always shone through as the only site to pull them all together and make them play fair.

Werelist is where young, silly newbies can go and learn to "Get real" about therianthropy, where as we would turn them away with our harsh tactics. Werelist is a place where people can find others near their location, or people with the same interests. It's a one-of-a-kind resource in the community that shouldn't be lost because someone's down on their luck (which seems to hit Coyote pretty damn often).

And I don't see anything wrong with an admin to ask for help from their users. Now picture this folks, if everyone just gave a single dollar, he'd probably have enough to pay his rent. Just a dollar. That's all. You think a dollar can't help? Add 'em up. Now imagine if everyone sent in $2. Just $2. That's what? A sandwich at McD's for you? A couple of bottles of coke? Some packs of gum? Add it up and it'll pay his rent and feed him for a month.

I'm not asking you guys to give your life savings. Just give what you can. Even your single dollar can help. I'm not sure if Coyote is comfortable giving out his address, but if anyone would like to send donations to me, I'll give you the address privately. That way you can send me cash or money orders (which I can in-turn give to him via Paypal).

If you'd like to donate with Paypal, there is a link on the lower left side of the WereList here.

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