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More SL "Fun".

I've been avoiding SL For the past couple of weeks because I simply don't want to deal with more stress and bullshit that a -game- of all things shouldn't have. Well I decided to take a break from BT this week, and this way I have some free time to work on some things that desperately need doing.

First, an explanation: The texture she's wanting looks like ASS. I mean seriously, it looks okay on the prims that it's being sold with, but it does NOT look good on anything else. And she wants to use it for a skin, which WILL NOT line up without SERIOUS photoshop effort. ANd with that much effort, it would be a lot easier for her to make it herself (Assuming she knows Photoshop). This is why I don't want to give it out, because you know the next convo will be "That skin sucks!!!! I want my money back!"

So I'm on SL and this drama starts up:

My comments are in italics

Ungrateful Bitch: can i ask you a question?
Jakkal Dingo: go ahead
Ungrateful Bitch: well i was just gonna ask if i could buy a texture of yours
Ungrateful Bitch: for the retractable dragon wings
Ungrateful Bitch: the scale texture
Jakkal Dingo: I don't sell the textures separately

THere, that should have been the end of it right there. At this point I go to the bathroom. I'm in there not like 2 minutes....

Ungrateful Bitch: well could you tell me where i could get that texture?
Ungrateful Bitch: its for my own personal use
Ungrateful Bitch: im using it on a premade skin
Ungrateful Bitch: to give me the full scale look
Ungrateful Bitch: god....i understand you are busy
Ungrateful Bitch: but i'll give you 500 for just the texture
Ungrateful Bitch: all i want is the scale look
Ungrateful Bitch: gah...you could give the texture free if it was up to you....

Nice bait, cunt

Jakkal Dingo: Sorry I had to AFK. Some places in the Forest Store have way better looking scale textures than that one. I'm not comfortable selling it right now.
Ungrateful Bitch: but you choose to be the kind of person that dont like to be nice...even with a price offered
Jakkal Dingo: Excuse me?

This is the point where you just hear the record player coming to a screeching halt. Who the hell does she think she is?

Ungrateful Bitch: what would it hurt to sell me a texture
Ungrateful Bitch: ?

Read: Obviously I don't care about you, or what you think. I'm only interested in what I want, and YOU won't stop me.

Ungrateful Bitch: first i dont build....
Jakkal Dingo: You obviously don't respect my wishes here. Who is the one not being nice?
Ungrateful Bitch: i buy L to spend and use for myself
Jakkal Dingo: If I don't feel comfortable selling a texture, why are you pressuring me t odo so?
Jakkal Dingo: Who is the one being 'not nice' here? It's not about money, it's about feeling.
Ungrateful Bitch: cause i really want this look

Ding ding ding. Obviously the desire for a look makes someone a fucking irritable cunt. Look lady, go wash the sand out, please.

Ungrateful Bitch: well how about this...
Jakkal Dingo: So because yo ureally want this look, you're pushing me, insulting me, and making me feel even more uncomfortable about it?
Ungrateful Bitch: if i gave you a copy of the skin i want modded to this texture could you do that for me?
Ungrateful Bitch: instead of selling me the texture?
Ungrateful Bitch: if it makes you that uncomfortable?
Ungrateful Bitch: all im wanting is for my skin to match my new wings...
Ungrateful Bitch: wings that i will never trade in for new ones
Ungrateful Bitch: because they are great wings...and i really like them
Jakkal Dingo: I'm not comfortable selling these textures as they are.
Jakkal Dingo: As I said, some people in the forest sell much better textures
Jakkal Dingo: No amount of money would make me feel comfortable selling them.
Ungrateful Bitch: well ok can i make another offer for it?
Ungrateful Bitch: ah guess not
Ungrateful Bitch: lol
Ungrateful Bitch: well how about that last offer?"
Ungrateful Bitch: you mod the skin for me and sell me the skin back
Ungrateful Bitch: that way i dont have the texture
Jakkal Dingo: I don't have time to work on textures, but I've authorized Myst Panther and Bullet Backbite to do custom work for me. You can talk to one of them about skinwork
Ungrateful Bitch: gah nvm...just dont expect no more business from me
Ungrateful Bitch: your loss

Oh god no! The loss of $1.50 is HEARTBREAKING!

Jakkal Dingo: Have a nice day.

Oh shit look, she keeps going

Ungrateful Bitch: ya know...it's ppl like you that make me want to quit playing sl....i dont see why on earth it would bother you to sell a texture
Ungrateful Bitch: you should be proud of your textures..and should want to see them spread out
Jakkal Dingo: Funny, I feel the same way about you right now.

And that is, exactly, how I felt after this conversation.

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