Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Attention Annoying SL users...

Do not call someone rude, when you're a blatant fucking liar. That also makes you a blatant fucking hypocrite. No, you can't have everything your way. Sorry, but I don't pander to assholes. Period.

The Story? Ok. Well, I go down to my store to give someone a werewolf update. I get caught by this furry (a furry that stole the word 'therian' in their description no less). She starts harassing me about when the quad avs (Call Critters) will be available. I tell her tonight. She wants a SPECIFIC TIME because she's an irritable twat that wants absolutely must have her way. So I'm busy actually, you know, trying to set the Critters up for sale and she won't get the hint or leave me alone. She's one of those furries that if she doesn't get her way immediately, she thinks you're rude and being a bitch to her. Whatever. Bow steps in to talk to her and she calls him rude.

She told me after calling Bow "rude" that she just wanted an estimate time frame like "in a few days". Despite the fact that I told her TONIGHT. Lie #1.

She wants a mod done to the kitsune avatar (It's a no mod prim av). Bow said we will do mods for a fee (true). She bitches at me about us charging people for 'simple mods'. I told her if it really is simple, I do them for free (True). She said, and I QUOTE "just one prim to put on the lips". Ok, I tell her I can do it right now. "Uhm... no, I don't want to give you this script." Sorry, can't help you. I'm not giving you a moddy head and you're not giving me a script. See how that works? So then, she finally decides that, after I Tell her I'd delete it permanently, she'd let me add it to the head. BUT NO, it's not just ONE PRIM, it's THREE. Not only on the lips, but on the ANUS and the "female nether regions" (which the av doesn't actually have).

Lie #2.

I tell her we may need to charge her for changes because she's OBVIOUSLY not giving us the full story (And likely the positioning of the prims, whatever they are, will have to be PERFECT). Then she says she's not willing to pay at all. And I quote: "And charging me to link something, that's sort of... bleh." Bleh? Try common, less about the work and more about dealing with you.

And she has the nerve to call us rude?

Go fuck yourself with a sharpened brick, cunt. I'm not dealing with that bullshit from you tonight. I've got enough stuff on my plate trying to get these fox avatars done.

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