Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Anyone else ever notice...

There are Jesus fish in Lucky Charms?

There's even drama and propaganda in my cereal :(


Edit: Lol, not too many people have noticed this because I googled it, but I did find this:

My personal favorite pop-culture conspiracy is the religious significance of "Lucky Charms" cereal.

To the casual observer, the cereal (like the Harry Potter books) appears to endorse a none-too-serious form of Paganism. The cereal is advertised using a leprechaun and the slogan "They're magically delicious." The marshmellows, which get all the attention, are obviously Pagan symbols (moons, stars, clovers, diamonds, etc.)

However, if you look closer, something more sinister is going on. The shapes of the oat cereal pieces are that of a cross, a Christmas tree, and -- this is the kicker -- an unmistakable ichthus (the Christian fish symbol). This can't be a coincidence. General Mills is obviously working to secretly convert children to Christianity.

My only questions are: Why? (a corporate grudge against the satanic Proctor & Gamble?) and What can we do to stop them?

Someone's reply:

Maybe they're just reinforcing the point. After all, the Christian symbols are all monotone and boring, the mindless masses if you will. The Pagan symbols are sugary, colourful, and fun. Would you rather be a drab, soggy Christian or a vivacious marshmellow Pagan?

Edit #2. After further research, I have noticed that Lucky the Leprechaun bears a striking resemblance to Dubya!!! This is slowly becoming the FLC conspiracy. FETID LUCKY CHARMS!!

Edit #3. Apparently now christians come in Berry and Chocolate flavors!

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