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What the hell is going on?

I know big things happen every few years, but now it's started to get more and more frequent. Makes you wonder if there's something to all this doom-saying stuff going around. I know shit happens around the globe /all the time/ but as a US citizen... well sorry people but I have to watch my own ass. In 1995 the Alfred P. Murrah building in OKC was bombed. Several other things happened between then. In 2001, was the 911 attacks. In 2003, That ferry crashed, a freak accident for sure, killing, what?, 10 people. Isabel slammed into the east coast of the US, doing a fair share of damage and deaths. The wildfires in California are un-fucking-believable. A parking deck in NJ collapsed, killing at /least/ 4 people. It's like the year of the freak accident!

And to top it all off, the Sun is pelting us non-stop with uber solar flares.

May we live in interesting times indeed. Makes you not want to leave the house.

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