Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Okay I had the most fucked up, weirdest dream ever last night.

I'm not sure what brought this one, maybe all the naysaying newbs in the therian community finally got to me. Surely it was that in a combination of RP and probably the avs I have on SL.

In any case, it was interesting because of the symbolism my brain presented to me during the dream, as well as the fact that it went Lucid for a moment, and I got to reflect on the dream in the dream. That was weird and cool.

The dream starting up as like some major demon guy (Or magician, or something to that affect, generic story plot) appeared and started screwing around. Actually I think maybe we fucked up the Earth ourselves and he took advantage of it. I remember seeing a lot of weird and mixed signals. A lot of people were paniced, animals were acting strange. People were starting to change into demons and animals. I was too.

I remember trying to escape but people kept capturing me. At one point I got outside (I Think I was in a hospital) and I saw the weird symbolism. I saw specifically orioles (We don't have those here), Parrots, and you know, other birds that aren't native to NC. One other thing, I saw the white brested raven that's been in my dreams once or twice. That's serious symbolism there.

The raven in particular was killing a lot of native birds (Cardinals, Blue jays, blackbirds, etc) and feeding them to other birds, as if they didn't know how to eat. In the raven's nest, there were little signs with messages on them (Like the kind you see as paperweights, or the funny little signs you put in fish tanks). They said things like "We must restore the balance" and "We've already lost," "Time for a change" and similar. The raven looked over at me and smiled. Now that was creepy.

But then I was captured again, I was still mostly mentally there, it's just that something was creeping in to control me. So I manage to escape and I get on the elevator. I got up to the top (11th) floor. That's where the dream went lucid. I saw the side of the building I was in, and the land, and the people below going crazy. And of course my lucid mind can only thing "Huh, this is a cool dream. And check out that landscape, it's in color and realistic!" But when I got up on the 11th floor I think it actually looked like the crap you'd see in SL from a high distance.

Anyway, being the supertwink drakkolupen that I am, people were trying to capture me on the roof, and I jumped off. I started to fly away, and I got shot by a tranq. Next thing I know, though, some therians are helping me escape. It seems therians were hit pretty hard by this... plague or whatever, and a lot of them were shifting, and we made this huge route to get away from towns and get to the wilderness and away from it all. I remember being in a big group of them, as people were trying really hard to lead me away, but for some reason I kept trying to fly off on my own. I saw a fox therian, who was almost completely shifted, trying to run away on his own, but his friends kept asking him to follow the course. I think Bow was helping me escape personally.

I woke up shortly after that thinking "That'd make a good comic." Go me.

My dreams have been really weird lately. Not that I'm complaining. This is like watching a really cool movie while you're asleep!

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