Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

A close call...

Well we finally bought a lawn mower, because the wild onions are making a farce of our yard. Bow was happily mowing away when he saw a Killdeer* that wouldn't move out of the way at all.

Anyway, Bow was all like 'wtf', and he stopped mowing and wondered what the bird was doing. So he called me out there to show me the bird. It was doing that "I have a broken wing, hey look at me, look at me" thing. He called me out there to show me what the bird was doing, and then why it was doing it. Just a few feet from the mower, in a little gravel drainage line, there were these little spotted eggs. The bird had a nest there, and if it didn't do what instinct told it to do, Bow would have mowed right over them.

We were looking around for any kind of marker or something we could put there, because they were really hard to see, and we didn't want to kill them. We got some wood and made a triangle around it. Though now we're worried that the bird won't like that, or that it'll make it easier to spot for predators.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I figure we'll just let them run their course. Although I'm tempted to put up a little plastic flag and get rid of the wood. Make it less intrusive.

*Thanks to Arikla for the bird ID.

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