Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Rolling my eyes.

Check out this nonsense: http://www.lostworldmuseum.com/

Cy, the "Cyclops" kitten, (The one that had holoprosencephaly) was sold to some museum that's supposed to try and promote the "theory" of creationism.

First, can you fuckers please stop tossing the word "theory" around, because it's not. I mean, really, that's getting old. How about the proposterous, wild speculative, "idea" behind creationism.

But anyway, this site is kinda funny cuz they say:

Evolution states that millions of mutations over millions of years with the help of environmental “pressures” can lift a species from the ape like creature we call “Lucy” to us today. My questions are these. Do positive mutations exist? The mutations I have seen, like Cy, are either neutral or negative. Also can mutations given enough time and chance really produce greater intelligence, reason, speech and even spirituality to beings?
Given the possibilities side by side. I say that it is easier to believe that we came from Adam and Eve and not “Lucy” and Steve. Either way it requires faith because we did not see Adam created from the earth and we did not see Lucy walking about to know for sure if she was a monkey, deformed person or something else. We did not then or now see evolution produce a gill to a lung or fin to an arm.

Oh look, it's the "We weren't there to see it" line. Really, I think it's high time we made an ID/creationism argument drinking game. This one deserves a sip, because I see it so often. Obviously if you don't have PERFECTLY DEFINITIVE ABSOLUTE PROOF then it CAN'T BE CORRECT.

So please, IDers, prove to me that Eve was created from a rib. No, the bible doesn't count. I can write a pretty storybook too about how dragons from Kaerwyn created man from turdblossoms for the sole purpose of slave labor. Yes, the bible is just as rediculous if you read it from a literal perspective. Those of you who don't read it literally can ignore this.

Cy will help people understand what evolution promotes and suggest Genesis is a better answer to the origins question.

Yes because evolution is EVIL and because evolution is always about GOOD mutations then BAD mutations MUST mean that Evolution is bupkus! But GOD is perfect, so GOD couldn't have made such an EVIL ENTITY SUCH AS A ONE EYED HEATHEN CAT THAT HAS NO SOUL!!!!11!! Obviously Cy is of the devil, and it wasn't GOD that was the "Intelligent Designer". It was Satan, and I bet he was paid some horrible, sweatshop wage because Designers are overworked and underpaid for their talents.

This perfectly explains why Satan tried the corporate takeover of the company, but failed, so he started his own, and inserted evil DNA into animals to suit his own purposes to twart the hy00mahns from figuring out why life exists.

Holy mother of fuck, the creationists are right! I just figured out the whole mystery all by myself! It was all politics and corporate takeovers, and I bet God refused the angels a good, decent health care plan, immigration reform, and social security!


Yes, I think the IDers are finally driving me insane. HEE HEE, but now I can play on their level!

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