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I attract idiots.

Okay, incident with a therian wannabe that found his way onto Kaerwyn's IRC channel. Kaerwyn is, of course, a role playing channel that I run. I'm Lorelei.

Btw, Ignore the weirdness in the timestamps. My computer clock isn't working right for some reason.

[04:59] *** therian (~therian@gamma-26174E27.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #kaerwynooc

[04:59] <Hoppy> Hi.

[04:59] <Rogue> Hey.

[04:59] <therian> mew

[04:59] <Rogue> Ahh. Point, Hop.

[04:59] <Hoppy> Sock.

[05:00] <Hoppy> *Ahem* anyway...

[05:00] <Hoppy> I did actually have a pleasent dream a week or so ago.

[05:00] <therian> just tell me diffwerence between humans furs and
therians =)

[05:01] <Lorelei> Well, therians and furs are human, for one.

[05:01] <Lorelei> Furs = People who are fans of anthromorphic animals.

[05:02] <Lorelei> Therians = People with a personal, integral
connection with a non-human animal.

[05:02] <therian> I disagree

[05:02] <Lorelei> Well you're wrong.

[05:03] <therian> therians are not people

[05:03] <Lorelei> Uhm. No. Unless you're seriously delusional, or an

[05:03] <Bowtie> What's your name on Second Life?

[05:04] <Griff> I am not a person? I am highly offended now!

[05:04] <Hoppy> Look on the bright side, Griff.

[05:04] <Bowtie> Yes. We're lower life forms.

[05:04] <Hoppy> That means you woun't be processed for Soylent Green.

[05:04] <therian> Therians dont RP there is main difference between
them and furs. furs imagine that they animals and therians feel it because they
are animals

[05:05] <Lorelei> Therians are humans.

[05:05] <Bowtie> Any therian is just as human as you or I.

[04:44] <Bowtie> If you weren't human, you wouldn't be talking to us on
IRC. Period.

[04:44] <therian> therians have human body that all what human in them

[04:44] <Bowtie> And, ironically, you're in a RP channel.

[04:44] <Lorelei> Bullshit.

[04:44] <Bowtie> Roleplay is a passtime.

[04:45] <Bowtie> Bigtime bullshit. If you had the brain or mind of an
animal, why are you talking to us in English?

[04:45] <Hoppy> I get this sudden urge to quote Three Billy Goats'

[04:45] <Bowtie> Why are you utilizing fine motor control to push these
odd decorated keys that spell words?

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[04:45] <Lorelei> Therians are not little kids (or adults who act like
little kids) who hate their human lives so much they want to run away and
pretend they can actually survive in the wild.

[04:46] <Bowtie> Animals don't know how to spell. They don't care. Why
aren't you out in the woods howling or growling or fucking or eating or whatever
it is that YOU think animals do?

[04:46] <therian> Bowtie are you anoing fur ?

[04:47] <Bowtie> By your own definition, you're not a therian.

[04:47] <Bowtie> What's the matter? I have a point? I hit home and you
decide to try to attack me?

[04:47] <therian> by my life I am

[04:47] <Bowtie> You're not.

[04:48] <Bowtie> Because by your DEFINITION, you SHOULD BE LOCKED UP IN

[04:48] <Lorelei> You need to see a shrink, kid. Stat. Therianthropy
won't make you feel better, or get you out of the pit that is your life.

[04:48] <therian> You talking about Eart animals why you compare them
to us?

[04:48] <Bowtie> Excuse me?

[04:48] <Bowtie> Therians are aliens now?

[04:48] <Lorelei> lol

[04:49] <Hoppy> Oh that's rich.

[04:49] <therian> Somway we are alian

[04:49] <Bowtie> Therians AND Scientologists.

[04:49] <Lorelei> Sweet, does that make me a god?

[04:49] <therian> we alian to this world

[04:50] <Rogue> ...

[04:50] <Lorelei> First, don't say "we", because you're
obviously not a therian.

[04:50] <Bowtie> Okay. Well go grow yer little space antennae, point to
the sky, and say "ET phone home." Lemme know when the mothership

[04:50] <Lorelei> You're what we call a 'poser', so please stop
bastardizing our beliefs, serious therianthropes.

[04:50] <therian> but I cant answer does we came from somwhere of
reborning on this planet

[04:50] <Bowtie> You don't even know what "therianthrope"
means, dude.

[04:50] <Bowtie> Is "reborning" a word?

[04:51] <Lorelei> Holy shit, what a fucking RPer. People wonder why I
get pissy.

[04:51] <Lorelei> I'm sure it is for a kid who's desperate to pretend
he's something other than human.

[04:51] <Bowtie> It's people like this that made me turn my back to the

[04:52] <Lorelei> It's people like this that proves you shouldn't.

[04:52] <Bowtie> I had to escape the shitheads like this. Had to get
the fuck away from all the morons that find the word, CLING to it, and just drag
it down into the dirt.

[04:52] <therian> Im not a therian !? you saing it to me after I learn
7 years ago what that mean and was invided by therians to succiety

[04:52] <Bowtie> It USED TO MEAN SOMETHING, you asshole.

[04:52] <Lorelei> YES, YOU are NOT a therian. You stupid, Little Poser.

[04:53] <Bowtie> It used to be INTELLIGENT. PERTINENT. IT MATTERED.

[04:53] <therian> lorelly by you definition you just fur

[04:53] <Lorelei> You don't know the first thing about therianthropy.
You don't CARE about therianthropy. What you WANT is your fantasy.

[04:54] <therian> therian newer would curs himself human

[04:54] <Lorelei> Insults are for humans, kid.

[04:54] <Lorelei> GUESS WHAT YOU ARE!

[04:54] <Bowtie> And people like YOU turn it into SHIT. You make the
definition change from "a person who is part human, part animal" into
some bastardized by-product of roleplay, furry bullshit, and a twisted idea of
spirituality which everybody else in the world can conveniently classify as

[04:55] <therian> I losing a hope that there is less of therians Than I

[04:55] <Bowtie> Therians are PEOPLE, fuckface.

[04:55] <Lorelei> Oh my fucking god, what a moron.

[04:55] <Bowtie> They're not some big, uber, brave, honorable race.
They're just like everybody else.

[04:56] <Lorelei> Think that if you want kid. But at least I know you
will always be human, nothing more than human, and one day you'll realize this.

[04:56] <Bowtie> They just THINK a little differently. Their BELIEFS
are a little different.

[04:56] <Lorelei> ANd on that day, I will smile.

[04:56] <Griff> We just tend to feel a little different.

[04:56] <therian> I have animal soul that what make me therian

[04:56] <Bowtie> If you think they're some great heroic fuckin' race,
dude, you're in for a serious crash. Animals don't care about honor, about
looking brave and intelligent.

[04:56] <Lorelei> Really? How do you know you have an animal soul?

[04:57] <Bowtie> And unfortunately neither do humans.

[04:57] <Lorelei> Did you find a card in a crackerjack box that told
you so?

[04:58] <Lorelei> OH let me guess, You either had A. a dream B. you
meditated once C. Your alpha/guru/leader/spirit guide told you.

[04:58] <Bowtie> He's reciting the same old bullshit regurgitated to
him time and time again. He probably actually read the websites in some
halfassed way. Pick and chose what he wanted to "learn" and assign to

[04:58] <therian> by felings by abilyties to get out from this f body
by ability to feel mykind

[04:58] <Lorelei> "Lol, being an animal is so much cooler than
being human."

[04:58] <Bowtie> An ideal therianthrope, to you, is a fuckin ROLEPLAY
character that doesn't exist.

[04:59] <Bowtie> Hey Rogue, play Marcus in here. He's this guy's ideal

[04:59] <Griff> Oh, i have actually to party side with our delused one
here, believe has not much to do with actual "knowing".

[04:59] <Bowtie> All about duty and honor and loyalty.

[04:59] <Griff> *partly

[05:00] <Lorelei> Let me explain to you what therianthropy really is. A
person who knows they're an animal, but has to be a person. So they do what they
must to survive, because that's what animals do. They act like people, they live
like people, they ARE people. The animal hangs out for the ride because that's
all it can do.

[05:00] <Bowtie> Ability to feel your kind? You wanna cop a cheap feel,
go stick a finger up yer ass.

[05:00] <Lorelei> And if you think there's more to therianthropy than
that, you're a delusional, little role player, that insults every real therian's
beliefs, with your stupid lies.

[05:01] <therian> How ewrything change for 5 years firstly the fake
furs ( one who think yiffing with plush tail made them furry) and now fake

[05:01] <Bowtie> At least he's better than the twat I dealt with on
Second Life today.

[05:01] <Lorelei> Only 5 years?! I wish the WISDOM OF THE AGES came to
me in 5 years!

[05:01] <Lorelei> Woo boy, 5 years, that's such a LONG TIME when trying

[05:02] <Bowtie> Who demanded I tell him my believes .. THREE TIMES ..
and who refused to read the information pages about it.

[05:02] <FyreWolf> i had a sandwich in my head

[05:02] <Bowtie> So I told him. TWICE, and he goes, "Yeah, that's
what I believe."

[05:02] <Bowtie> Yeah. Sure it is.

[05:02] <Lorelei> You can't convince the stupid, Bow. His type are the
same people that voted for Bush.

[05:02] <Lorelei> He was fed the bullshit he wants to hear, and became
deaf to the rest.

[05:02] <Bowtie> Oh do we HAVE to get political?

[05:03] <Bowtie> I'm gonna go take my uber elite werewolf powers and
finish fixing this toilet.

[05:04] <therian> Lolely I newer RP and screaming a lot dont show you
mental abilityes

[05:04] <Griff> Dude, don't you DARE calling ME fake!

[05:04] <Lorelei> You're RPing now.

[05:04] <therian> I newer do

[05:04] <Lorelei> You're pretending to be a therian.

[05:05] <Lorelei> That's role playing.

[05:05] <therian> Maybe I petend that I alive

[05:05] <Lorelei> No, living in a daydream doesn't make you alive.

[05:06] <Lorelei> It makes you very very dead inside.

[05:06] <therian> Im so sorry that you cant understand

[05:06] <Lorelei> Maybe if you typed better, I could.

[05:11] <Lorelei> I think I broke him.

[05:11] <Hoppy> Looks like.

[05:12] <therian> you dont

[05:13] <Lorelei> I don't what?

[05:13] <therian> I wont argue which human it useless

[05:14] <therian> human wont ewer agree that he blind and do stupid

[05:14] <therian> humans think thay are best

[05:15] <Griff> English isn't your first language, isn't it?

[05:15] <therian> it isnt

[05:15] <Griff> Humans, as sad as it sounds, are the best.

[05:15] <Lorelei> Okay let me ask you something then.

[05:16] <Lorelei> Are you typing, on a computer, with a keyboard, in a
building, with electricity, with hands?

[05:17] <therian> aslo on Unix system

[05:17] <Lorelei> Ok, you know what that makes you?

[05:18] <Hoppy> Only evil hyuumons use Windows. Yepyep. Important to

[05:19] <therian> I dont disagree with you that I have human body . yes
I hate it but I have human body and this body even sometimes get control of me

[05:19] <Lorelei> That makes you human.

[05:19] <Lorelei> Undeniably. Human.

[05:19] <Griff> Sprichst du Deutsch? Dann sollten wir dass hier mit
brutaler Offenheit in deiner Muttersprache fortführen.

[05:21] <Lorelei> This is what you're coming across as ->
"<therian> humans think thay are best" Your ego belies you. Your
hatred belies you. Only humans are capable of that kind of hatred.

[05:22] <therian> Lorelei If I want look like human I wont be grere now
, it sucks but somehow by mistake or punishment or etc I in human body

[05:22] <Lorelei> Animals don't care what they are. They care THAT they
are. And they live to survive. They don't live to whine that life didn't deal
them a perfect hand.

[05:25] <Lorelei> Therianthropy is not escapism. Therianthropy embraces
the HUMAN and the animal. It does not embrace the animal and abandon the human.

[05:25] <Lorelei> A rational minded therianthrope lives in harmony
between human and animal.

[05:27] <therian> Lorelei if you want to cal youself human why you dont
admit that you fur . then it would be right

[05:29] <therian> Therian newer would live in harmony with destroing
creatures humans

[05:29] <Griff> Man, you walk on very thin ice.

[05:30] <Sebeka> um what like um say my cat which kills regularly

[05:30] *** FyreWolf has quit IRC (rio.shifters.org irc.wayah.net)

[05:30] <therian> sometimes because of dificulties of being different
therian try to fake himself that he human and all was his fantasy but it newer
ends good

[05:30] <Lorelei> I'm not a fur. I don't have anything to do with the
furry fandom.

[05:31] <Griff> I remember some brain damaged idiot who wanted to turn
into a dragon and rule the world.

[05:31] <Lorelei> What I am is a therian, tried and true.

[05:31] <Lorelei> Because a therian embraces animal and human, not one
or the other.

[05:31] <Griff> And he actually believed this would happen.

[05:32] *** FyreWolf (blackwolf@264B5C96.EAE5985A.4974786C.IP) has joined

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[05:32] <Griff> Jakkal, I don't think he wants to embrace an animal at
all. He wants to be some alien super fur.

[05:33] <Lorelei> Yeah I think so too.

[05:33] <therian> ok then prowe it!

[05:33] <Lorelei> Prove what?

[05:33] <Lorelei> That I'm a therian?

[05:33] <therian> prove that you theriasn

[05:34] <Sebeka> its a beleif its not something you have to prove

[05:34] <Lorelei> Okay. Since I was 4 years old, I always thought I was
some kind of canid, without ever being exposed to them whatsoever. I used to run
around on all fours and bark at people. My family thought it was a phase and I'd
grow out of it.

[05:35] <Lorelei> I grew up and realized that it was kind of dumb to
behave this way, even though I felt it is as I should. As I moved on, and had
more and more canine like experiences, such as mental shifts beyond my control,
I tried to repress my therianthropy as it was only making me depressed and
getting me in trouble.

[05:35] <therian> who dont play at 4 yers..

[05:36] <therian> It sound more as lytotrophy

[05:36] <Lorelei> When I hit high school, I realized that I couldn't
keep doing that if I wanted to remain sane, I would have to embrace the animal,
and hope to better 'control it'. When I was 18, I found the internet, and other
'therians'. I discovered that I was not alone. But I discovered that I was wrong
in my beliefs of trying to stop it, repress it, or control it.

[05:37] <Lorelei> Since then, I have studied therianthropy, other
therians, hosted get togethers for therians, writing a book on therians, I've
written shifters.org, I maintain therianthropy.org, I work for the werelist. I
used to admin were.net.

[05:37] <therian> purring

[05:39] <Lorelei> Through over 20 years of introspection, scrutiny,
critical thinking, doubt, denial, discussions, dreams, observations,
meditations, and other things, I Have come to the conclusion that I am infact
wolf inside.

[05:39] <therian> You sound as therian tryly therian but why you
thinking you human

[05:39] <Lorelei> See, your definition of 'therian' does not match what
the majority of the community has come together to discuss.

[05:40] <therian> it dosnt match with mine comunity

[05:40] <Lorelei> infact, I've seen your kind many many times before,
they always end up the same way.They discover that therianthropy is not about
'pretending they aren't human' or something silly like that. Why? because to act
that way is to act human.

[05:41] <Lorelei> Yes, because your community panders to daydreamers,
and it's very easy to fall victim to the 'fantasy' of therianthropy over the

[05:41] <therian> ok then what you think is reason why you hehave like
this ?

[05:41] <Lorelei> Your unwillingness to listen to the reality of
therianthropy tells me you're more interested in what you WANT ot hear, over the

[05:41] <Lorelei> Behave like what?

[05:42] <therian> what is reason thatt make you bahave therian

[05:42] <Lorelei> I don't behave therian. I behave like me. That's part
of who I am.

[05:43] <Lorelei> Therianthropy doesn't define me.

[05:43] <therian> you just told that you are therian now you saing

[05:43] <Lorelei> No I'm not.

[05:22] <Lorelei> I'm saying that therianthropy doesn't mean diddly
squat on the big picture.

[05:22] <Lorelei> I am a therian. Therianthropy is a PART of me.
Therianthropy doesn't define me.

[05:22] <therian> but what you thing is reason that made you different

[05:23] <Lorelei> I'm a spiritual therianthrope.

[05:23] <therian> so no you agree that you have therian spirit?

[05:24] <therian> slowly but we mowing to a goal :)

[05:24] <Sebeka> they have from the start

[05:24] <Lorelei> I believe that my spirit/soul/essence/whatever is
that of a wolf.

[05:25] <therian> and what we was disagree about ? what make body to
move, body is just a meat with out sprit it dead meat

[05:26] <Lorelei> Not everyone believes that.

[05:26] <Lorelei> But we disagree in that, I don't believe you're a
therian by your description of it. A therian is both human and animal. To deny
one is to deny therianthropy.

[05:27] <Lorelei> To pretend you're not human is to deny therianthropy.

[05:27] <therian> im Susiety where Im from was 2 main ideas

[05:27] <Lorelei> You have an isolated group that decided to make their
own rules that is a fantasy.

[05:29] <therian> one half belive that they have animal spirit together
with human part like both of and from time to time one of spirits get more
control and other belive that there is only abimal spirit

[05:29] <Lorelei> Now I told you. You tell me. How'd you discover your

[05:29] *** FyreWolf has quit IRC (rio.shifters.org irc.wayah.net)

[05:30] <therian> it pretty simular to yours story

[05:30] <Lorelei> Tell it.

[05:31] <therian> I always was different from mass I feal it and they
do so

[05:31] *** FyreWolf (blackwolf@264B5C96.EAE5985A.4974786C.IP) has joined

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[05:32] <Lorelei> every kid feels different. How did you feel

[05:32] <Lorelei> What did it feel like?

[05:32] <therian> unlil age of 12 I feel it but dosnt know how it

[05:33] <therian> in 12 I foung furry forum they was discusting TLK

[05:34] <therian> I thought it fan and look at them for a week but by
reading their ideas I understand that it so simular to mine

[05:34] <therian> I redister there and spend there year

[05:35] <therian> on that forum was therians too but they dont anonce

[05:37] <therian> I feal later that there Im not a fur I something
different and Start talk to therians but I didnt knew yet that they are therians
I didnt knew what it is at all

[05:39] <Lorelei> You haven't said anything about your personal

[05:39] <therian> after some time of discusting different topics I
recive a mail there was username an pass on forum where I previous was talking.
I enter it and saw absolutely different picture of it it was totaly diferent.
they explain me lately who are they and why it all in a secret

[05:40] <Lorelei> And that's the hook that deviants use to lure people
into their fantasy.

[05:44] <therian> later I foun one mikind it was mine firs lowe she was
older then me in 9 years but feelings was undescrible, we knew each other
thought without tolking, always feel each other and knew deapes secrets so I
stop to talk to anyone else at all and spend like it 4 years until she get total
depressed and start try to fakeherself that she are therian because it was so
hard to live diferent in human wirld

[05:45] <Lorelei> And that's exactly the same road you're going down.
She was trying to escape from her humanity with 'therianthropy' and it caught up
to her. It's a destructive path.

[05:45] <Bowtie> ... There's nothing secret about therianthropy, and
you're not at ALL describing why you think you're a therianthrope. Truth be told
I can't damn believe you're still here.

[05:45] <therian> I spend 2 more years alon not talking to no one and
now I try to find some local therians at least one to understand me

[05:46] <Bowtie> You're abusing therianthropy, sir.

[05:46] <Lorelei> But you haven't said ANYTHING about your personal

[05:46] <Bowtie> You're *abusing* it, by choosing to neglect part of

[05:46] <Bowtie> You're using it as a form of escapism.

[05:46] <therian> Actualy she wast a therian she was which

[05:47] <Lorelei> Doesn't matter. Escapism is escapism.

[05:47] <Bowtie> Ah, here we go. Wiccan.

[05:47] <therian> really which so she teach me some ability

[05:47] <Lorelei> Sooner or later it will catch up to you. Reality will
smack you hard and fast, when you least expect it, when you can least take it.

[05:47] <Bowtie> Oh, do you physically shapeshift?

[05:48] <therian> ?

[05:48] <Bowtie> What do you look like? Are you all huge and buff?

[05:49] <Bowtie> Do you have a pack? Who is your alpha?

[05:49] <therian> http://jobzoneusa.net/srv/me here last simmer photos

[05:49] <therian> *summer

[05:50] <Bowtie> Doesn't look like an animal to me.

[05:50] <Lorelei> So you're 17.

[05:50] <therian> I tryed to work on theantroply a lot I tryed to
understand reason who we and why we here

[05:50] <Bowtie> Yeah, I'd place him around there.

[05:50] <therian> yes

[05:51] <Lorelei> Okay listen.

[05:52] <Lorelei> You're 17. You're going through one of the hardest,
toughest times of your life as far as emotional stability goes.

[05:52] <therian> I was always like this as I remember myself

[05:52] <Lorelei> If you continue down this path of pretending you're
better than humans, or you're not humans, you're only going to destroy what
spiritual beliefs you may have.

[05:52] <Lorelei> Yes, because you're a kid. And that's way kids are.

[05:53] <Lorelei> When you hit 22 or so, you're going to look back on
this, and cringe.

[05:53] <therian> Im not a kid for a long time

[05:53] *** Turnsky (~foxfire@foxfire.keenspace.com) has joined #kaerwynooc

[05:53] <FyreWolf> Wilkommen Turnsky.

[05:53] <Turnsky> meh

[05:53] <Lorelei> I'm not like these other "Therians" you've
met. I'm not going to lead you on with bullshit. If you want reality, if you
want truth, you can talk to me. If you want spoon fed bullshit, you can talk to

[05:53] <Lorelei> You are a kid.

[05:54] <Rogue> Hey.

[05:54] <therian> you dont know me

[05:55] <Sebeka> no but they know what happen to them

[05:55] <Lorelei> I know enough. I know you're 17. I know your personal
therianthropy was nothing more than 'feeling different' and forum hopping.
(which is very much nothing). I know you've only spent 5 years trying to be what
you're not.

[05:55] <Lorelei> I know you're telling us now that you're pretending
to be what you're not.

[05:55] <Lorelei> I know you're telling us that you think humans are
scum, and you're not one of them.

[05:56] <Lorelei> I also know MANY MANY people JUST like you that have
fallen in and out of the community, that I've been part of for over 10 years.

[05:56] <therian> I cant explain you all now

[05:56] <Lorelei> I get the feeling there's not much to explain.

[05:57] <therian> but I dont think you would ewer understand, you didnt
move person on chair from ocean across

[05:57] <Bowtie> We've been there.

[05:57] <Bowtie> We've seen it all before.

[05:57] <Bowtie> Okay, I don't know what that means...

[05:58] <Bowtie> But "I don't think you would ever
understand" is a line I've heard from thousands of teens.

[05:58] <therian> you didnt saw rocky land feline kind under red tone 2
suns light

[05:58] <Bowtie> It's a line I've used god-knows how many times myself
when I was a teen.

[05:58] * Hoppy thanks the God he doesn't really believe in that he's never
used that line.

[05:58] <Bowtie> Most kids have.

[05:59] <Lorelei> Now we're really moving into the realm of bizarre.

[05:59] <Bowtie> And they think they have the world figured out. They
think they know all the answers, they think they've got themselves nailed down

[05:59] <Bowtie> But they're always wondering why life is so hard.

[06:00] <Bowtie> Never dawns on them that they'd know the answer if
they *really* had it all figured out.

[06:00] <Rogue> I've used that line before. But I fully admit I was
screwed up in the head at the time.

[06:00] <Bowtie> And man, it's worse when it comes to alternate belief
systems. That's why the mainstream religions try to suck 'em in young.

[06:00] * Turnsky plays the twilight zone theme

[06:01] <Bowtie> Young = impressionable, and if you can get a kid to be
a devout follower, you can get him to stay that way for their whole life.

[06:01] *** Teresa (~Cad12sqnJ@C23C643.A666A0F.516343D.IP) has joined

[06:01] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Teresa

[06:02] <Bowtie> The problem here is that he's opened up to alternate
beliefs, to the supernatural, to the possibility that things on this planet
might not be as they look on the outside.

[06:02] <Rogue> The bait has arrived!

[06:02] <Lorelei> and it's so easy to lure depressed teens into
therianthropy with promises of being 'not human' and 'better than humans', so
they feel special.

[06:02] <Rogue> Hey.

[06:02] <therian> I would stob to discuss anything now, there is no
point to I saw only couple persons here who dont mistmach theriantropy with RP

[06:02] <Hoppy> The expert baiter!

[06:02] <Lorelei> Look in the mirror.

[06:02] <Bowtie> He's dabbled in witchcraft. He's adopted the idea of
spiritual therianthropy.

[06:03] <therian> Im not

[06:03] <Bowtie> He thinks he's got it all figured out, but he won't
stop to listen to the words of two people who have been in the therianthropy
community, helping to shape and define it, for OVER TEN YEARS.

[06:03] <therian> newer was interested in it

[06:03] <Bowtie> I'm 29. I was about 19 when I came on the internet and
found other therianthropes.

[06:03] <Bowtie> I've been here for 10 years.

[06:04] <Lorelei> 11 for me.

[06:04] <Teresa> Bow and Jakk without @s... It's a coup d'etat

[06:04] <Bowtie> Well you may not have, but your girlfriend has, and
blah blah blah. You said it above.

[06:04] <therian> you can be wrong for whole life

[06:04] <therian> sadly but it true

[06:04] <Bowtie> Oh, so what do you think is likely?

[06:05] <Lorelei> We've been working to prove ourselves wrong for
years. Can you say the same?

[06:05] <Bowtie> Do you think maybe you're wrong and we're right .. or
do you think we're wrong, and you're right?

[06:05] <Lorelei> Or is your therianthropy based entirely on what
others tell you? Sheep?

[06:05] <Bowtie> I've been a therian my whole life, I've dealt with it
my whole life. At 19, I was finally able to start talking to others about it, to
understand it, to accept it.

[06:06] <therian> I think you dont get whole thing

[06:06] <FyreWolf> Oh boy, my subscription is running out.

[06:06] <Bowtie> And since then, I've been involved with it.

[06:06] <Bowtie> And YOU .. are coming HERE .. onto OUR network .. and
telling US .. we are WRONG.

[06:06] <therian> Maybe you start tolk to wrong one

[06:06] <Bowtie> I'm open to the notion. But you've given me nothing.
NOTHING to believe we're right.

[06:06] <Turnsky> tsk tsk, typical teenagers, think they know

[06:06] <Bowtie> And EVERYTHING to believe you're wrong.

[06:07] <Bowtie> You're 17. That's why you think you know better.

[06:07] <Lorelei> I'm SO glad I didn't have the internet when I was
trying to figure out my therianthropy.

[06:07] <Lorelei> I might be as screwed up as this kid.

[06:07] <Bowtie> I hope I make a lasting impression on you, dude.

[06:07] <therian> I see here some right ideas but confused persons
which whong ones

[06:07] <Bowtie> Because I was amazed how much I grew up in 5 years.
Let alone 10 years. I REALLY REALLY HOPE you remember this conversation in 5-10

[06:08] <Lorelei> For a nonhuman therian, he sure has deaf ears.

[06:08] <therian> Iwas with real therians that what i know

[06:08] <Lorelei> No, you weren't.

[06:08] <Turnsky> maybe he's a snake, Jakk, and listens via vibrations
in the ground

[06:08] <Bowtie> I never expect to hear you say it, to me or anybody
else, but I hope you look back on THIS conversation and turn BEET RED from utter
EMBARASSMENT when you think about how closed-minded and egotistical you were.

[06:08] <Lorelei> But when you grow up, you will think back to this
conversation, and you will cringe.

[06:09] <therian> dont ewen say someting about them!

[06:09] <Lorelei> Close minded, egotistical, thinks he's better than
everyone else...

[06:09] <Lorelei> Hey, that sounds like a human!

[06:09] <Teresa> Ouch. :)

[06:09] <Bowtie> And if you knew a thing about therianthropy you'd know
that this "I'm a therian and you're not" bullshit is only bothering

[06:09] <Lorelei> Something about them? They're fucking crackjob poser,
wannabe therians.

[06:10] <Turnsky> sounds like either a politician, or a clergy.. =]

[06:10] <Bowtie> Sounds like a cat, actually. :P

[06:10] <Teresa> Double-ouch.

[06:10] <Rogue> Poor cats. So abused.

[06:10] <Bowtie> They're idiot losers who got together, STOLE a term,
and made it their own, then force-fed you the bullshit that you took in, hook,
line, and sinker.

[06:11] <Bowtie> It was so COOL to you. IT was so NEAT. IT FELT so
RIGHT. You just HAD to be a part of it.

[06:11] <therian> you dont know what one of them cost . it would be
same as god for you to se one of them

[06:11] <Lorelei> They are delusional, role players, so dissasfied with
their lives that they're desperately looking for an escape and luring whatever
sheep-like morons will believe them.

[06:11] <Bowtie> Then, once you were in, and once they were feeding you
shit, you closed your mind to everything else. They control you.

[06:11] <Lorelei> Sure, I'll see one of them. I'll rip them to shreads
with logic.

[06:11] <Bowtie> Shreds. 8)

[06:12] <Lorelei> Sorry the idiocy is getting to me.

[06:12] <Bowtie> It does tend to leech through the monitor, no?

[06:12] <therian> Feeel sory for you

[06:12] <Bowtie> Oh please. Don't.

[06:12] <Bowtie> We're happy.

[06:12] <Lorelei> I can't help but get enraged by stupid know-it-all
kids that shit all over my beliefs and have the NERVE to use the term 'therian'.

[06:12] <Lorelei> Fucking furry.

[06:12] <Turnsky> i feel sorry for your english teacher

[06:13] <Bowtie> I'm perfectly content and sound in my beliefs.

[06:13] <therian> as people happy are.

[06:13] <Bowtie> Nothing you say are getting through to me.

[06:13] <Bowtie> Yeah. I'm a person. And you're special.

[06:13] <Bowtie> YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL.

[06:13] <therian> that all what you can be proud of

[06:13] <Turnsky> yes he is, bow, Short bus Special

[06:13] <Bowtie> YOU'RE NOBODY. Get over it, and deal with the lot that
life gave you.

[06:14] <Bowtie> Yes. Be proud that you think you're not human, living
in a human life.

[06:14] <Bowtie> Be happy when you figure out that you can NOT live in
this life WITHOUT being a human on some level.

[06:15] <therian> you newer wil see world more then people do..

[06:15] <Bowtie> Or better yet, BE A WERE. I CHALLENGE YOU. BE A


[06:15] <Bowtie> That's what an ANIMAL would DO.

[06:15] <Teresa> I was looking at my own body yesterday... Like...
/Really/ looking at it. And it did occur to me: "You know what? I actually
like the way this thing works."

[06:15] <Bowtie> I've SEEN what you're talking about, dude. I've BEEN

[06:16] <Bowtie> I was an IDIOT.

[06:16] <Bowtie> Just like you're being.

[06:16] <Hoppy> Biomechanical systems rock, don't they?

[06:16] <Lorelei> Thats because we see the world with our eyes and our
minds open.

[06:16] <therian> you even dont understand what you re doing you cover
theantropy which muud

[06:16] <Lorelei> We don't see the world like you and your buddies,
with your eyes and your minds closed.

[06:16] <Bowtie> You keep telling yourself that. :)

[06:16] <Lorelei> That or your mind was so open your brain fell out.

[06:16] <Bowtie> I'm not covering anything.

[06:17] <Bowtie> Other than the overwhelming wish to sink my teeth into
your neck and rip it right open.

[06:17] <Lorelei> Okay Bow, I've had enough.

[06:17] <Teresa> I don't even mean that, Hop.

[06:17] <Lorelei> He's not listening.

[06:17] <Lorelei> He's taking up channel space and bandwidth

[06:17] <therian> ok I get what I want There is no therians here so I
need to keep looking

[06:17] <Lorelei> If he loves his little therian fuckbuddies so much,
he can go back to them.

[06:17] <Hoppy> Just happy with living in it?

[06:17] <Bowtie> Course he's not. Nor will he. Even when you were
talking nice to him, telling him about yourself...

[06:17] <Bowtie> He wasn't listening.

[06:18] <Bowtie> He just absorbed what you said, and didn't think at
all about what came afterwards.

[06:18] <Lorelei> No, there aren't any fake therians here. Please keep
looking elsewhere, you can find other fake therians on yahoo groups.

[06:18] <Bowtie> He's not interested in hearing information from
experienced, actual therianthropes.

[06:18] <therian> I wont do that

[06:18] <Bowtie> He wants to continue hiding from the truth, and
playing his game.

[06:18] <Lorelei> You want the delusion don't you?

[06:18] <Lorelei> Go to yahoo.

[06:18] <Bowtie> He wants to go on thinking he's elite and special.

[06:18] <therian> I found aldeady couple of

[06:19] <Lorelei> Lots and lots of fakers and pretenders there.

[06:19] <Bowtie> There's nothing we're gonna say to this guy to
convince him to get real.

[06:19] <Teresa> Yeah, kinda. I mean, I sat back and basicly saw...
Aside from obvious aesthetic deficiencies, a body that does what it's supposed
to do.

[06:19] <Lorelei> When reality trips you and you land on your face,
think of this convo.

[06:19] <Bowtie> And he's not going to say anything to us that we
haven't already seen and heard from HUNDREDS of young, inexperienced,
foolhardly, wishful thinking children.

[06:20] <Lorelei> Because he knows it all!

[06:20] <Bowtie> So now, special little man, why don't you just leave?

[06:20] <Lorelei> He doesn't need us! He has all the answers to the

[06:20] <therian> but I feel pain because here is some therians but
they get wrong idea. lost souls

[06:20] <Lorelei> At least my soul isn't lost up my ass

[06:21] <Bowtie> Negative. Found. You're the one stumbling on the path,

[06:21] <Bowtie> You'll figure that out someday.

[06:21] <Teresa> So, "therian", have you read Jakk's essays?

[06:21] <Lorelei> I explained my therianthropy to you.

[06:21] <Lorelei> You said nothing about yours.

[06:21] <Lorelei> Who is the one that's lost huh?

[06:00] <therian> I didnt read anything from you sites

[06:00] <Sebeka> whos looking for something?

[06:00] <Lorelei> We can tell

[06:00] <Bowtie> A real therian would at least THINK about what others
might say to him. A real therian would open his mind and look closely at
himself, and separate LOGIC from EMOTION, and try to find the truth.

[06:01] <Bowtie> But you have your truth. It was fed to you by your
pals. Your little pack of elite uber super weres who somehow aren't human when
they talk like humans, type like humans, think like humans, act like humans...

[06:01] <therian> you dont want to try fing out true you all repeating
someone idea

[06:01] <Lorelei> Someone's idea? Try THOUSANDS of people.

[06:01] <Bowtie> No, dude, look at what you said.

[06:01] <Bowtie> YOU .. are repeating the ideas of somebody else.

[06:02] <Bowtie> WE are talking about what THOUSANDS of PEOPLE have
gone through, and what they believe.

[06:02] <Bowtie> We're a community.

[06:02] <therian> I have mine ideas and yes they simular to mine

[06:02] <Bowtie> You're trying to get in.

[06:02] <Lorelei> You're talking about a handful of roleplayers filling
you with garbage.

[06:02] <Bowtie> Well, tell ya what.

[06:03] <Bowtie> I was around when the word "therianthrope"
was BORN. Okay? I was one of the first to use it.

[06:03] <Bowtie> Same with Jakkal.

[06:03] <therian> I neeed to get sleep

[06:03] <Teresa> therry... I'm not a therian. I wish I was, but I'm
not. I accept that. My mind is simply not built for it. But what I /did/ do was
adapt certain parts of it that I could do so. But deep down, I know it. I am not
one of them.

[06:03] <Bowtie> So why don't YOU take YOUR beliefs, go out, and GET

[06:03] <Teresa> Maybe you should do the same.

[06:03] *** therian has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

[06:03] <Lorelei> Woot, time to post

[06:03] <Turnsky> moronthropy *nods*

[06:03] <Teresa> Hee!

[06:04] <Bowtie> About fuckin' time he left.

[06:04] <Teresa> How long's this been going?


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