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NC Howl!

For anyone that's interested in going to our NC Howl (That's a campout/getogether for therians), you need to join our community pronto! nchowl

If we don't know who you are, chances are you're not going! It's invite only, but you can ask to attend. We do this because when we had it completely open, we had some people show up that really, just ruined the whole thing for a lot of us. This is our only vacation of the year so we don't want to have to babysit people, break up fights, or deal with any problems that COULD be prevented. So don't get on our case about being elite when all we want is to have a good time.

In any case, the Howl is held in the NC mountains, Nantahala Nat. Forest near Franklin, NC. We camp on top of a mountain with a waterfall about a 1/4 mile away. We do a lot of cool stuff, like hiking, sight seeing, go-carting, bumper boating, gem-mining, whitewater rafting, river tubing, fishing, et cetera. It really is a lot of fun (And I intend to go whitewater rafting this year.. damnit).

Anyway, if you want to go, and you think you can make it, join the community, give an intro. We'll let you know if you can go.

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