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Man this weekend was pretty cool. We started out getting up really early on Saturday and getting a lot of stuff done. We also went to look at various vehicles, because Bow could use a larger backup car, now that his route is hauling more shit. (The escort can't hold it all). I found a gorgeous blue blazer that I intended to buy, but it sold before we could go out to look at it. We've looked at a couple of other blazers, but they just don't strike me as much. I really miss our old blazer. Ironically enough I like the 80's body style of the S10 blazer of the 90's or the newer ones. And they're very cheap. So it's sort of a win win situation (other than they don't get the best mileage in the world).

Then we hit the Fresh Market and got up some Filet Mignons, and some Asiago Mushroom stuffed chicken breasts. Yum. We didn't get a chance to cook them on Saturday though, we filled up on salad that I made, even the dressing was homemade.

On Sunday, we went through the arduous task of trying to figure out how to work the swimming pool - specifically the pump, filter, hoses, vacuum and other stuff. I Just know they're going to make me jump in there with my wetsuit and vaccuum it out. It was in the 90's this weekend so, it was perfect (at the time) for swimming, but now it's dropped down to the 70's. Too cold for me... unless I put my wetsuit on (6mm Neoprene).

So on Sunday we grilled the steaks and ate them out on the deck. First time we've gotten the chance to do that. It was so nice. The only noise was from the birdies, and that's just fine for me. Back in Raleigh, you'd constantly hear traffic, horns, sirens, people yelling or making other noises, etc. I love being out here in the sticks.

Also, Sunday evening, we hooked up the old SNES and started playing the Super Mario Brothers compilation game (The one that has all the super mario brothers on it from 1-3). We had fun playing through all of them. I had to coach Uath on SMB3, since he never really played it all the way through. I was suprised at all I could remember, but disappointed with what I couldn't. I used to know every little secret and trick in that game. Now I'm tempted to go play again.

Let's see what else. Didn't get a chance to work on SL much, cuz some griefer attacked and brought down the entire grid. During the only time I could get on to work. I've got some new prim avs coming soon. I've also been working on the feline critters (quadrupeds). Only problem with those is that they don't look right at all in their proportions, since you can only make the body so long and the arms/legs so short. I've got a tiger prototype that looks.. ok, but it's obviously very disproportionate for a tiger. The only way to fix that is to make a full prim version - which I plan to do eventually - but that takes away a lot of the freedom of them (Such as wearing your own shirts and stuff).

And lastly, I have signed up and paid for a year's hosting with WebComicsNation. I am completely overwhelmed by their admin section. I can't just upload my websites like on ComicGen. I'm going to have to take my site apart and turn them into code snippets to get them to work. But I am hoping to get all my comics moved over there by the end of the month. (Ugly or not). I think many of my readers will like a lot of what they have to offer (like mailing lists, RSS feeds, and other things). I just have to figure them out. Uploading about 750 pages of BT will be a bitch though ;)

That's all for now.

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