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Okay yeah so...

I intended to spend my free time tonight working on BT's site on WebComicNation. But then something else popped up that required my immediate attention. This of course sets me back a lot but it was very much worthwhile, at least in my opinion.

So what is it?


Just got the layout all square, tomorrow and Friday it gets the rest of the pages up. Doing static HTML pages right now as SO didn't really require or get many updates before. Hell, the info I'm using was from the 2002 site. (Before the big crash).

If anyone has any essays or information they'd like to add to the site, now's the time to get it to me. You can send it to jakkal at gmail dot com . Please just send me text files. Word documents are okay as long as you don't have a lot of formatting. I would prefer just plain text over anything else.

Be sure to let me know here or something if you do send me something for SO. Otherwise it might get caught in a spam filter or all the other emails I get for BT and SL stuff.

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