Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Alpha The Betta's New Tank

I had this little guy in a 1 gallon tank, and I just didn't like having him in there. He hated the constant cleanings (I hated them too but he needed it), and it didn't seem like a whole lotta room, even though he's a betta.

So now he has a 5 gallon tank. He's got a couple of tankmates. The only other fish in there with him is an algae eater. I read on some sites that they might be agressive towards betas, but we'll see. The algae eaters we've had in our other tank aren't agressive like some sites make them out to be. We had algae eaters in our old tank as well. So I'm fairly confident that they won't fight. If the algae eater does bother Alpha, there's room in the big tank for it. His other 'roomies' are three ghost shrimp (with lots of hiding places). If he ends up eating them, eh.. no big deal. If not, they should do a pretty good job of cleaning up scraps on the bottom.

We also have an african dwarf frog. The lady at petsmart recommended him. While I have some trouble believing the people they hire off the streets, I'm hoping this'll work out. If not, I do have another tank I can put him in by himself.

Here's the tank. It doesn't have a backing yet. I suck. That's my desk and all the crap on my desk in the BG:

Alpha exploring and making sure the rocks are in the proper position in the corner

Alpha hanging out at the top with the flash on. He's a beautiful blue, but he never shows up right without the flash on

Without the flash (See what I mean?)

High energy turn!

The algae eater and the shrimp:

It was SO hard to get a pic of the frog. He would not stop moving. But finally he waited long enough for the camera to get a pic, then he swam off

All for now.

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