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So Trakker has been limping on his back right leg for the past couple of days. We let him outside when we got up, and he came back in limping. We had no idea what he did. After the first day, we called the vet to get him an appointment (keeping in mind we keep 3rd shift hours, we had to get up at about 4pm). Well our vet couldn't see him, and the other vet was already closed for the day. Trakker was still limping, but he didn't seem to have any swelling, he didn't seem to be in any pain (No yelping or anything). He was still trying to run on it, like he forgot, so apparently it only hurt when he tried to use it.

We dropped him off at the vet this morning before we went to bed. Poor little guy, he hated seeing us go. Bow just called them, apparently he's got a swollen toe, but nothing came up on the X-ray. Whew. This is gunna cost a fortune, $140 for the Xray alone. Ouch.

And we hafta take him back in 2 weeks to make sure nothing developed. But I'm glad he's okay for now.

Edit: Just got Trakker back, $467. Ow. Next time watch where you step, Trakker :/


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